Founded in 2003 with headquarters in Denver, a digital refinery in Laramie, WY and offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Tokyo, Thought Equity Motion is the world's largest supplier of online motion content, licensing and professional representation services to the agency, entertainment, and corporate production industries. The company's Web site is the premier resource for production professionals who require immediate access, information and support pertaining to research, license and clearance of the world's finest film and HD content for creative productions.

Our Company

Rapid growth is occurring in demand for motion-based content solutions to support new media, Internet and wireless applications. According to Deloitte Technology, Media and Communications, the convergence of television and Internet programming will generate over a trillion dollars in revenue between now and 2010 for those with supporting products and services.

While demand for motion-based content has increased, the cost of acquiring original footage is still significant. In fact, according to TrendWatch, the rising cost of acquiring location-based footage has inspired U.S. creative agencies/visual effects/dynamic media studios to increase pre-shot motion content purchases by 19 percent a year. Thought Equity Motion provides comprehensive motion content, research, clearance and licensing services to support this growth.

Motion Content

Thought Equity Motion is the world's largest provider of online motion content. The company has formed exclusive content partnerships with premier film and entertainment companies such as National Geographic, Sony Pictures Entertainment, HBO Archives, the NCAA, Warren Miller Entertainment, and others. To ensure the most sought after themes, events and film trends are well represented and accessible to production professionals, Thought Equity Motion continuously updates and hand-selects thousands of clips per week to add to its online library. Even editorial footage related to current events and news is added daily through the company's proprietary processing systems and technology.


Thought Equity Motion provides complete motion content research services to help clients effectively plan and manage their film and video productions. By locating hard-to-find footage, Thought Equity Motion can help customers lower their production risks and costs. With the average cost of a national television commercial being nearly $400K, agencies use Thought Equity Motion to ensure their creative has a high return on investment by testing concepts before shooting. To ensure authenticity and seamless shot integration, entertainment producers use Thought Equity Motion's research services to locate precise motion imagery content.

Professional Licensing

Thought Equity Motion provides licensing expertise to enable clients greater creative control over their projects. By providing clip usage history, agencies can gain access to exclusive or limited-use content. Through flexible licensing and pricing options, entertainment and corporate producers can streamline their workflow.

Rights and Clearances

Thought Equity Motion provides comprehensive media content rights and clearances services including legal counsel, clearance, project management and footage assurance. With expertise in intellectual property re-use, Thought Equity Motion handles rights and clearances for photography, music, trademarks, motion imagery and other media content.

Our Customers

Thought Equity Motion has exclusive provider partnerships with some of the world's leading advertising agencies. Creative professionals turn to Thought Equity Motion for professional licensing resources that give their work uniqueness and distinction. Thought Equity Motion provides creatives with options that allow them to lower production risks and costs. In addition to offering the world's largest online library of royalty-free and rights-managed content in both HD and Film categories, also includes pre-produced commercials, which eliminate the time-consuming concept review phase of the advertising and commercial process.

Entertainment customers such as Law & Order, The Tonight Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Walt Disney and DreamWorks Pictures turn to Thought Equity Motion to find content to enhance their projects. By providing over $1.5 billion of high-production value camera work, entertainment producers can seamlessly integrate the precise content needed to bring drama and authenticity to their film and video productions. Thought Equity Motion also provides access to entire storylines of motion content that allow customers to create short stories that inform, educate and entertain. By repurposing existing content, completely new messages or entertainment can be created. By leveraging Thought Equity Motion's research, licensing and clearance capabilities, producers have more time to focus on the creative aspects of their work. Because Thought Equity Motion stores all of its digital masters in uncompressed or high-quality motion jpeg format, these customers have access to the highest quality content options available for instant download.

Large corporations use Thought Equity Motion's expertise to find motion content solutions that help create effective communications. Cable networks, broadcasting industries and enterprise media companies such as Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Bright House Communications, Regal Cinemas and Comcast utilize Thought Equity Motion's versatile selection of motion content and flexible licensing options to develop dynamic internal presentations and strong branding communications. Small businesses use Thought Equity Motion's production-ready commercials to distinguish their brands in their markets.

Our Technology

Thought Equity Motion's site boasts the industry's most advanced technology such as:

  • Clip Rank technology, which ensures customers receive search results that are relevant, diverse and well-rounded. Instead of seeing several related clips, a search on returns several diverse "sets" of clips from which to choose.

  • Shot Reel, which allows customers to view a variety of shot angles and sequences from a scene. This technology enables customers to find a greater selection of shot options when creating new stories or creative messages.
  • Speed View™, a technology exclusive to Thought Equity Motion, is the fastest preview technology in the industry and allows visitors to instantly preview footage by simply scrolling their mouse over an image. No additional media player technology is required.
  • "Ready-Now"™ mastering, which means customers can instantly purchase and download footage in a variety of formats including motion jpeg and 10-bit uncompressed masters. Thought Equity Motion is the only company to make all uncompressed 10-bit masters available online. In addition to traditional tape and DVD delivery, users also benefit from transcoding on-demand, which converts master files to the online delivery format of choice. From wireless to Podcasts, streaming video to RSS Feeds and LED displays and billboards, "Ready Now" provides the right footage in the right mediums.
  • Motion content restoration processes which remove noise and scratches and apply image stabilization and color enhancement to archival or vintage footage.

Thought Equity Motion's expertise in remote ingest, advanced digitization, restoration, metadata, HD footage processing, and storage translates into the solution for world-class motion content distribution, library preservation and monetization. This allows the company to process film and video assets up to 80 percent more cost-effectively and accurately than competing solutions in the industry.


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