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Thought Equity is a leading provider of video management and licensing solutions. Customers such as cable companies, networks, media companies, and holders of large motion libraries use the company's products and solutions to reduce production time and costs, accelerate their online distribution strategies, and ensure maximum value and revenue potential of motion assets. The company's core products include:


> Motion Footage Licensing

Thought Equity is a leading supplier of stock footage and production-ready commercials to the cable, broadcast, cinema and creative production industries. Instantly search, preview and purchase premium royalty-free and rights-managed footage in desirable categories such as extreme sports, time-lapse, lifestyles, nature, explosions, computer generated animations, and even fully produced commercials. Request demo reels, access free research, and purchase royalty-free CD collections.


> Commercials

Thought Equity has assembled the industry's largest library of production-ready advertising commercials aggregated from several hundred of the country's top creative agencies and production companies. The company offers customers instant, online access to fully-produced commercials at a fraction of the cost and time normally incurred in creating original material. The library of commercials is completely rights-managed, cleared for commercial use, and can be searched and previewed online to serve consumer or business markets.


> Royalty Free Collections

Browse through our footage titles to preview and purchase pre-packaged collections of royalty-free premium stock footage.


> Digital Asset Management

Thought Equity offers digital asset management solutions to companies that need to manage the geographic distribution, sharing, and licensing of large video or film libraries. Thought Equity's digital asset management infrastructure provides for the real-time search, preview and delivery of video-based digital assets, such as motion film footage, cable programming or broadcast content. Thought Equity specializes in advanced video digitization, restoration, metadata and storage services and systems that allow refinement of sophisticated motion imagery and film.


> Media Services

Thought Equity offers digital media services to network, cable and media companies who need a cost-effective, centralized way to share approved motion content. Leveraging the company's state-of-the-art digital asset management and distribution infrastructure, Thought Equity helps cable companies evolve to tapeless, real-time, web-based content sharing.


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