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The Australasia Collection from Thought Equity Motion brings the world's strongest film and video brands to the Asian-Pacific marketplace.

We are the world leader in providing access to high quality film, video and music content. Our Australasia Collection, built on a foundation of footage and services developed by Film World, reflects the Asian-Pacific culture, lifestyle, news and landscapes unique to this part of the world.

The Australasia Collection brings you fresh new content, including the Rugby League Films Collection, Tourism Australia, Tourism Queensland, Cinesound-Movietone Newsreels, Natural History New Zealand, Sports Film and many more.

The sole destination for Asian-Pacific ad agencies, television networks, corporate communications companies, video production companies and filmmakers for over 20 years, Thought Equity Motion's dedication to outstanding service and commitment to our clients is unparalleled.

Call us at +61 2 9438 1888, contact us about pricing and licensing options, make a free research request or chat with a live research assistant.

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