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24 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) 50s Suburbia RF Are you tired of cell phones, microwaves and the fast life? Take a trip back to a simpler time in this retrospective collection of 1950's lifestyle footage.
20 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) African Birds RF Colorful, exotic birds of Africa such as the Red and Yellow Barbet, the Great White Pelican, the Yellow-Billed Oxpecker, the Grey-Crowned Crane, and the Lilac-Breasted Roller.
20 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) African Predators RF Intense footage featuring an alligator capturing a deer, a cheetah in pursuit of a gazelle, a lion feeding on a zebra, and vultures and hyenas devouring a carcass.
20 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) At Your Service RF Who says good help is hard to find? We'll serve your dinner, draw you a frosty draft, open doors for you, even get tickets for that Broadway musical you've been wanting to see.
17 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) Auto Plant Become part of the auto assembly line where interacting humans and robotics drive teamwork to high performance.
39 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) Baby Care RF From pregnancy tests to the terrible twos, follow couples from discovery through infant care. Enjoy naturalistic clips of check-ups, feeding and even a baby massage.
20 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) Baby Mother's Joy RF
20 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) Baby Portraits RF From the laughing playfulness of patty-cake to the endearing smiles when mom whispers in their ear, these babies know how to capture your heart.
20 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) Baby Wild Animals RF Mama and papa elephants, black bears, seals, koalas, giraffes, baboons, kangaroos and their young in the African wild roaming, playing, or just staying close.
20 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) Baby Wild Cats RF From leopard cubs laying down with mom to lion cubs wrestling and playing, its hard to believe these cute cubs will soon grow into ferocious hunters.
18 clips Price: $599.00 (USD) Background Pulse RF A variety of computer generated and filmed effects that will captivate the masses with hypnotic circles, vortexes, arrows to nowhere and mysterious designs. Loop-ready.
:: 302 items on 13 pages
Results per page: