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Institute increases enrollment leads by
50% with a uniquely repurposed commercial


Footage and Commercial Library  
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Save Time and Money
Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time to produce an agency-quality commercial when you can select and edit a highly effective production-ready advertisement that can be aired in days?

Thought Equity has assembled the industry's largest library of production-ready commercials and footage to serve the cable and broadcast industries. Commercials and clips are completely rights-managed and searchable by over one hundred demographic categories to serve consumer or business markets.

Our commercial inventories allow cable and broadcast companies to reduce pre-press and production costs, increase gross margins, enhance localized ad quality and realize a greater advertising result.

Playing With The Big Guys
By having access to cost-efficient and highly effective agency-quality advertising, local companies are now able to advertise alongside enterprise companies and share the advantage of reaching millions of potential customers.

Officially Licensed
Collegiate Sports Video

Thought Equity is a proud partner of Collegiate Images and is an official provider of licensed archived film and video images for colleges, universities, conferences, and bowl games.

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