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With Admine:Print, the whole sales team and creative service department gains subscription access to the AdMine content library through a web browser. Sales staff easily select campaigns from over 100 searchable categories, and print samples customized to their publication.

These creative ideas, with the newspaper or magazine identifying logo attached, are then used as sales tools for presentation to prospective advertisers. The high quality campaigns from major creative agencies arm your sales team with compelling content to drive media placement, at a fraction of the cost of in-house generated spec work. There is no limit or cost for browsing and printing creative ad samples for customer presentation.

Once the prospective advertiser selects a campaign, the full artwork, in Quark format, is downloaded by the sales or production staff. Customer specific details including logo and copy are inserted for final approval. Only those campaigns downloaded for publication by paying customers result in a production charge to the publication. Compared to full development of a high quality, multi-piece campaign, this represents a major savings over in-house production of a custom campaign. Once an ad is selected, the publication gains exclusive rights to usage in the specified market for a period of 12 months.

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