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"The high quality campaigns from major creative agencies arm your sales team with compelling content to drive media placement, at a fraction of the cost of in-house generated spec work"

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is competing with the fatter marketing budgets of larger companies. Many businesses forgo print advertising, not because the ad space is expensive, but because they can't afford the typical cost of high-quality, image-building creative content. Thought Equity's print and image offering allows print-based media companies access to the industry's largest source of production-ready advertising campaigns, concepts and images. By offering media companies a quick, cost-efficient way to create ad concepts and spec ads, advertising becomes more affordable to the small-to-mid sized clients.

Media companies gain dramatic efficiencies by removing the costly and time-consuming concept review phase of the advertising process. Within minutes, advertising sales and production staff can access, reserve, and purchase business or consumer-specific ads from an inventory of thousands of customizable advertisements, images and ad concepts. New content is added weekly, ensuring that Thought Equity's inventory includes creative assets that reflect the latest demographic and industry trends. This is a radically efficient alternative to the production-intensive cycle of producing ads from scratch for each customer.

Thought Equity's creative content is supplied through a partnership of over 350 advertising agencies and designers, enabling newspapers and magazines to quickly serve press-ready advertising inventory to their local and industry-specific advertisers. As a result, production costs are reduced, margins and revenues are increased, and businesses are better served with higher quality creative.

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