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  Visible World and Thought Equity partner to accelerate delivery of targeted, customized commercials for cable providers  
  Denver, CO, March 10, 2004 - Thought Equity, the nation's largest supplier of stock motion footage and production-ready television commercials for cable and broadcast companies, and Visible World, the developers of IntelliSpot, the platform that enables the creation and delivery of targeted, customized television commercials, announce their strategic partnership to enable accelerated deployment of IntelliSpot advertising among cable providers.

Visible World allows advertisers to easily tailor TV commercials so that they are relevant to certain segments of viewers, as opposed to a mass audience. Through the use of Visible World's patented IntelliSpot tools and services, the commercials are designed as individual media elements - i.e. portions of video, audio, text, and graphics - with customization rules attached. The commercials are then assembled into a variety of unique ads at the same time they are delivered. Advertisers mix elements can create ads with customized messages that are directly relevant to the audience and the specific program that audience is viewing. Through delivery partners including Comcast, New York Interconnect, and Adlink, the IntelliSpot platform is already deployed in 8 of the top 10 US cable markets, delivering targeted, dynamically-generated and customized commercials to over 15 million homes.

Thought Equity has assembled the world's largest online library of production-ready video commercials, motion footage elements and creative assets from over 350 of the U.S.'s top creative agencies and production houses, available at a fraction of the cost and time normally incurred in creating original material. Thought Equity serves the media industry by providing Madison Avenue-quality commercials (available instantly for search, preview and purchase online) at rates that local advertisers can afford. Thought Equity currently serves cable and broadcast divisions in over 110 network regions. As part of the partnership with Visible World, Thought Equity is converting its entire inventory of commercials to IntelliSpot-ready formats, accelerating the creative development, deployment and market penetration of Visible World's delivery platform. By making all its relevant commercial components available in IntelliSpot format, Thought Equity makes it even easier for cable and network providers to take advantage of Visible World's delivery advantages.

Independently, each company has developed a powerful offering that serves different aspects of the same mission: to make it easier for advertisers to produce quality, relevant content and to optimize its delivery over terrestrial, satellite and cable networks.

"The union couldn't be more perfect" states Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World. "Visible World has developed the ultimate platform to deliver targeted customized commercials and Thought Equity has aggregated the world's largest library of production-ready commercial content. We can now offer a complete solution to cable providers that makes content and delivery options readily available to their local advertisers".

The partnership allows an advertiser to reach many households simultaneously through a single commercial that dynamically delivers messages customized based on the program, geographic and demographic factors applicable to each targeted local audience.

As an example, a regional auto dealership can air a commercial campaign on Comcast that promotes multiple products to targeted audiences. The high-income, single male professional sees the sports car commercial and the mid-income mother of four sees the minivan ad. If a commercial has five different segments (i.e. an introduction, demographic target, product details, sales pitch, and details) and there are multiple target market segments (i.e. geographic location, income level, marital status, ethnicity, language, etc.), there are literally hundreds of versions that can be produced instantaneously.

Cable companies are embracing the advancement with enthusiasm because it increases the value of the advertisements they can offer customers while significantly reducing the time and cost of production. The combination of targeted delivery technology and instant relevant content means they have a higher value product, higher quality content, and a more relevant means of delivering it.

"Television advertising just went from expensive, time-consuming and hard to measure, to being affordable and measurable, with rapid development and higher quality. We are making it as easy to place an ad on television as it is in the newspaper", says Kevin Schaff, CEO of Thought Equity. "We're setting the standard for how commercial content is being intelligently produced and delivered".

About Visible World and IntelliSpot
Visible World is a technology and media service company that provides advertisers with intelligent, timely and cost effective solutions for customizing their TV messages so they are more relevant to their target viewers. Founded in February 2000, Visible World's is backed by the industry's leading advertising and financial organizations including the WPP Group, Grey Advertising Ventures, RVC, Waterview Partners, Fleck TIME Funds, and Leucadia National Corporation. IntelliSpot® is the customization system developed by Visible World Inc. in partnership with SeaChange International, Inc. Enabling advertisers and their agencies to cost effectively design and produce multiple versions of TV commercials -- up to hundreds or even thousands -- IntelliSpot ads can be delivered to designated markets, zip codes, and in the future, households. IntelliSpot's customization solution increases media efficiency and advertising effectiveness. More information on the company is available on its website:

About Thought Equity
Thought Equity Management, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is a leading supplier of production-ready print and video advertising as well as state-of-the-art digital asset management solutions for creative content. Large media, cable and broadcast companies leverage the company's solutions to reduce production costs, increase gross margins, enhance localized ad quality and distribute branded content on a local level. For more information about Thought Equity, visit

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