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  Thought Equity Launches Stock Footage Management and Licensing Product to Provide World-Class Film and Video Assets Over the Web  

Collegiate Images becomes the first major supplier; offers instant global access to premium collegiate sports footage

Denver, CO., February 2, 2004 – Thought Equity, the nation's largest supplier of production-ready advertising solutions for cable, broadcast and other media companies, today announced the launch of their stock footage management and licensing product - an integral part of their business strategy to revolutionize the stock footage industry. Through Thought Equity's new product, companies holding large libraries of footage have a viable option to monetize their assets in the marketplace by making film and video footage available for use by creative agencies, media companies and producers of film, documentaries, and TV programs.

The new offering allows organizations that own stock footage to take advantage of Thought Equity's advanced digital asset aggregation and distribution system. Thought Equity's refinery, located in Laramie, Wyoming, is revolutionizing the stock footage industry, as it exists today. The company's leading-edge video distribution technology provides the most cost effective means to automate the entire infrastructure – from digitization of the assets to licensing and management, and ultimately enabling the library to be available online – providing access to film and video assets faster and more conveniently than any alternative available today.

Customers will have access to video content that's easily searchable and available to creative agencies, production houses, cable and broadcast networks and corporations for use in video production. By leveraging Thought Equity's expertise in Digital Asset Management and online inventory, customers can research, preview and purchase video assets on demand. The new product enables organizations that want instant access to extensive film and video assets to reduce research time, shorten production cycles, and drastically lower overall production costs.

Until now, the process to obtain stock footage was manual and error prone, often taking weeks at a time. Today, Thought Equity's stock footage offering allows for individual research and preview of footage online, with the option to download and immediately use the production-ready clip.

Collegiate Images, the nation's leading collegiate sports footage licensing agency, is one of the partners providing stock footage for the new offering. Thought Equity is using its proprietary Digital Asset Management system to aggregate and catalogue at least 50,000 hours of Collegiate Images' premium, officially-licensed college sports footage from the top universities, conferences, bowl games and broadcast rights holders, including memorable plays, game-winning shots, team celebrations, hard hits. Footage can be searched, viewed and licensed online at

"We are excited to work with Thought Equity and to leverage their expertise in digital asset management," said Jack Heilig, vice president of Collegiate Images. "The video production market is realizing huge benefits from the meaningful repurposing of creative assets, especially sports footage_ Thought Equity can provide our extensive content to a much broader audience than we could on our own."

"Industry leaders like Collegiate Images know that sports footage is exponentially more valuable if it's organized, easily assessable and pre-packaged," said Kevin Schaff, CEO and founder of Thought Equity. "We digitize and assist with portfolio allocation of footage in order to maximize exposure and generate revenues quickly for our partners. Our goal is to become the number one provider for high definition footage by the end of 2004."

"Sports has become a desirable corporate metaphor for teamwork, persistence, endurance, and the spirit of winning," said Neal Pilson, former president of CBS Sports. "It is thrilling to see footage of history's most compelling sports moments instantly available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection".

About Collegiate Images
Collegiate Images (CI) is the centralized licensing and rights clearance agency that manages the distribution of archived film and video images for colleges, universities, conferences, bowl games, and broadcast rights holders. Collegiate Images, the source for officially licensed collegiate video, was formed by The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) and Convizion, Inc. CLC, formed in 1981, is the nation's leading collegiate licensing and marketing representative that assists collegiate licensors in protecting and controlling the use of their logos through trademark licensing. Convizion is a leader in sports marketing and media management providing comprehensive content and enterprise services to leagues, teams, corporations and media companies. For more information on Collegiate Images go to

About Thought Equity
Thought Equity Management, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is a leading supplier of production-ready print and video advertising as well as state-of-the-art digital asset management solutions for creative content. Large media, cable and broadcast companies leverage the company's solutions to reduce production costs, increase gross margins, enhance localized ad quality and distribute branded content on a local level. For more information about Thought Equity, visit


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