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  Thought Equity Acquires National Advertising Provider  

Distributor of Production-ready Advertising Acquires Virginia-based Admine, an advertising and video company

Denver, CO, January 14, 2003 – Thought Equity Management Inc., a leading aggregator and distributor of production-ready print and video advertising, acquired Admine, Inc., a Virginia-based provider of ready-to-use advertising and video.

Admine, located in McClean, VA is a worldwide provider of newspaper and magazine advertising templates, images and video. The acquisition allows Thought Equity to leverage Admine's partnership with over 300 national advertising agencies and designers to add to its online inventory of production-ready print advertisements, corporate branding campaigns and broadcast-ready commercials. By acquiring, Admine, Thought Equity is able to further enhance the quality and diversity of its creative inventory.

"Having relationships with hundreds of creative minds allows us to provide a desirable range of style choices to our customers. Producing all of our inventory in-house would have limited what we could offer our clients.", says Kevin Schaff, CEO of Thought Equity.

The acquisition also accelerated the growth of Thought Equity's video advertisement inventory, which is targeted towards the broadcast and cable industries. Video inventory, including everything from editable television commercials to football game clips and documentary footage, allows cable and TV networks to produce commercials for clients in days, not weeks, and drastically reduces production costs.

Thought Equity's proprietary system leverages sophisticated digital asset management capabilities and is powered by advanced search, retrieval, and editing technology. An embedded security and rights-management process ensures that all digital assets are free from intellectual property restrictions. Both print and video advertisements are then categorized, searchable, and editable according to demographic and descriptive criteria.

"We are finding that broadcast and cable companies are feeling left out when it comes to technology advances in advertising. Like newspapers, they want a way to provide quality advertising to their clients without starting from scratch and without taxing their already-stretched production resources. What has before only been available to the newspaper and magazine industries is now coming to broadcast and cable.", continues Schaff.

About Thought Equity
Thought Equity Management, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is a leading supplier of localized, production-ready print and video advertising. Large media, cable and broadcast companies resell the company's ads to reduce pre-press and production costs, increase gross margins, enhance localized ad quality and realize a greater advertising result. For more information about Thought Equity, visit

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