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Digital Asset Management  
The Thought Equity service lets the company generate revenue from its hidden assets - the creative content it already owns - across every location.

Maximizing Revenue from Creative Content

Asset Management Services from Thought Equity help media companies maximize the revenue potential of their own creative content by making it Useable, Findable, and Accessible across their entire chain of media properties.

Thought Equity Asset Management is a service that increases sales productivity and reduces cost across a chain of publishing or broadcasting properties. Thought Equity Asset Management is designed for companies who operate magazine, newspaper, or broadcast properties in multiple markets. Asset Management benefits these companies by enabling them to share their own creative assets across the company, allowing advertising created in one location to be sold into every market, rather than having each local operation work independently to re-create similar advertising campaigns.

Companies serious about creating their own system for re-using and sharing creative content electronically must make an investment in Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology, typically in the range of $1 million for hardware, software and integration. More critical is the staffing, training, consulting and ongoing operation required to capture the original content in digital format, prepare it for repeated use, index it based on multiple criteria so it can be found by potential users, and track licensing and usage.

Thought Equity Asset Management provides all of these capabilities on an outsourced basis. A state of the art DAM system, staffed by experts in cataloguing and indexing creative content, becomes available across the entire organization through a private web portal. Rather than invest in technology and staffing that is outside of the core expertise of the company, Thought Equity allows media companies to gain the benefits of a system for information sharing without defocusing their sales, production or IT departments.

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