DAM Package



Key Benefits  
When a business makes a media buy, they are purchasing creative ad content to make an impression on a local audience. That same campaign can be used in other cities. Thought Equity makes it easy to share the campaign across locations, and to re-use the campaign with customer specific content. Your company can spend money re-creating the same basic material in every city, or it can use Thought Equity to take what you created once, and make it accessible to use again and again.

Benefits of Re-Using Your Own Creative Asset

> Improve sales results with the best advertising content for every opportunity
> Increase production efficiency by re-using the company's own assets nationwide
> Reduce time to market and speed proposal respons across the whole organization
> Re-use advertising multiple times, covering every region, for maximum return on creative investment

Benefits of Using Thought Equity Asset Management Services for Asset Re-Use

> Eliminate expenses from DAM systems, processes and refining staff
> Maximize ability to find, track, and retrieve every asset owned by the company
> Ensure and demonstrate compliance with licensing and exclusivity requirements company wide
> Retain focus on creating and selling, eliminate de-focusing effort of DAM implementation


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