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The Company  

Using the same principles as stock photography, Thought Equity has assembled the industry's largest demographic libraries of production-ready advertisements and television/cable commercials. The company offers customers instant access to a wealth of award-winning, rights-managed designs from more than 300 of the U.S.' top creative agencies and designers, at a fraction of the cost and time normally incurred in creating original material.

Via the Internet, a standard browser and PC, Thought Equity has technologically-enabled the proven ad syndication model and allows advertisers to search, preview and select from thousands of quality campaigns. Creators of advertising, such as design agencies, generate new revenue streams from existing, retired creative assets. Distributors of advertising, such as newspapers, magazines and broadcast companies, can quickly serve press-ready advertising inventory to their local and industry-specific advertisers. As a result, production costs are reduced, margins and revenues are increased, and businesses are better served with higher quality creative.

Until now, local and regional businesses have been significantly underserved by the advertising industry. Thought Equity's technology is based on decades of localization expertise, ensuring media companies with national and world-wide coverage can efficiently re-purpose proven advertisements without the risk of market or regional cross-over.

The Customers

Thought Equity's customers include newspapers, magazines, broadcast companies, cable content providers and companies whose businesses are dependent on managing large-volume advertising and creative production.

Customers gain dramatic efficiencies by removing the costly and time-consuming concept review phase of the advertising and commercial process. Within minutes, media companies can access, reserve, and purchase business or consumer-specific ads from an inventory of thousands of advertisements and marketing campaigns. Hundreds of advertisements are added each week, ensuring that Thought Equity's inventory includes media that reflects the latest demographic and industry trends. This is a radically efficient alternative to the production-intensive cycle of producing ads and video from scratch for each customer.

The Results

The result for media companies (newspapers, magazines, TV and cable providers):

  • Reduced production costs
  • Higher local ad quality
  • Increased ad margins
  • Increased sales of new media, and video advertisements
  • Higher productivity ratios within creative departments
  • Lower per-sale costs

The result for advertisers (local, regional, and national B2B and consumer businesses):

  • Quicker time-to-market for campaigns
  • Drastically reduced design costs
  • Lower per-lead costs
  • Faster track to sales revenues

The result for media creators (print design agencies and creators of broadcast and cable TV programming):

  • Larger distribution of existing ads and commercials
  • Easy and rapid entry into regional and local markets
  • Additional revenue streams created from existing assets

The Technology

Thought Equity's easy-to-use, browser-based system leverages the most sophisticated digital asset management capabilities available today and is powered by advanced search and retrieval technology. An embedded security and rights-management process ensures that all digital assets are free from intellectual property restrictions. Both print and video advertisements are then categorized and searchable according to demographic and descriptive criteria.

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