Institute increases enrollment leads by
50% with a uniquely repurposed commercial


Local Building Company Plays With
the Big Guys in Cable Advertising

"We were blown away by how smooth and easy the whole process was from start to finish. We are in the process of purchasing two more commercials that are integrated with the first one we ran. We not only have a commercial, we have an entire creative campaign!"

Curtis Packard, Owner Ace Quality Homes

Ace Quality Homes is a residential building company located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Team Financing is a mortage company also based in Ft. Collins. The two companies formed a partnership in 2000 to build, sell, and finance 57 residential properties they had purchased in the surrounding region. Both companies are individually owned and operated by Joe Merante (Team Financing) and Curtis Packard (Ace Quality Homes)

The Challenge
In order to reach a large number of potential homebuyers, Ace Quality Homes and Team Financing explored the idea of running a commercial on the local Comcast network. Their main objective was to make consumers aware of their brand and services, not to promote a specific offer. They wanted to develop a commercial that was clever and memorable, and would clearly be remembered by their audience. While both companies were excited about the marketing potential, they discovered that developing and producing the creative would cost more than their entire annual marketing budget.

The Solution
Joe and Curtis met with their regional Thought Equity distributor and local Comcast representative and were shown several unique commercials that were a perfect fit for their needs. They selected a commercial and Comcast was able to customize the video to reflect Ace Quality Homes and Team Financing branding within 2 hours after the commercial was selected.

The Impact
Ace Quality Homes and Team Financing were able to take advantage of the marketing opportunity cable television offered for far less money than they would have paid through traditional means. They had a finished, customized commercial in days, not weeks and still had budget left over to put towards future commercials. Comcast acquired two brand new advertising clients, was able to limit production time to 2 hours, and secured $19,800 in new revenue.

"The cost of quality creative is no longer a barrier to advertising on cable networks. The world of cable advertising is not just for major players anymore."

Joe Merante, Owner Team Financing

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