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NHK - Breathtaking high-definition and unexpected subjects

Thought Equity Motion and BBC Motion Gallery bring you a remarkable collection of pristine HD native content that offers insight into a range of global subjects and both traditional and contemporary Japan. With almost all of NHK's TV broadcast in HD, the scope of the material is breathtaking. From Japanese macaques in hot springs and the temples of Kyoto to sweeping shots of earthquake-shattered buildings; from noisy factories of the present day to the tranquility of time-honored ceremonies.

These are just some of the unforgettable shots from the NHK archives. Expeditions, great dives and train rides across Japan showcase the landscape in its true beauty. Computer generated graphics of plant structures and walking skeletons are also available providing additional cutting-edge content. If you're looking for fresh content and unique subject matter - all HD originated - you won't find a richer source. New clips from Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd (HTB) are available alongside the NHK collection. Shot on HD they include breathtaking scenics, and animals from Hokkaido in the northern part of Japan.

From a global perspective, NHK is Asia’s most renowned broadcaster, with 75 international correspondents reporting in 31 locations around the world. The collection’s incredible breadth of topics and archival HD content is unmatched. The archive includes premium video covering news, environment, technology, world-heritage and other global topics from programs produced by NHK.

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