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The CBS News archive, part of the BBC Motion Gallery collection, covers the most memorable and monumental events of the last 50 years. Among its treasures are reels of tape shot in the four days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as well as footage from the Vietnam War; the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s; global presidential campaigns and political conventions; the U.S. space program; the Oklahoma City bombing; the events of September 11; and so much more. The collection is comprised of more than two million videotapes and 66 million feet of film, including outtakes and other footage never used in on-air reports. To learn more about CBS News’ offline content or to get open access to the archive in New York, please contact a Thought Equity Motion sales representative at sales@thoughtequity.com. To watch the CBS News show reel,

The BBC archive, part of the BBC Motion Gallery collection, is one of the largest and most respected collections in the world. Representing the best of BBC programming over the last 70 years, the collection contains more than a million hours of breathtaking footage. To watch the BBC Motion Gallery show reel,

Fast Company is searching for 2010′s Most Influential Person Online and our very own CEO, Kevin Schaff, is in the running! To help spread his influence click here and wait a minute for the page to fully load. Keep your eyes peeled for Fast Company’s November 2010 issue, where all Influencer Project participants’ photos will appear and the Most Influential Person Online will be officially announced. 

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July 2002, 9 miners were rescued in Pennsylvania

Historic events take center stage in Mad Men 




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First Day of Autumn

55 Yrs. since James Dean’s death

15 Yrs. since OJ Simpson verdict

MLB: World Series

30 Yrs. since Voyager 1 sent close images of Saturn

News from the world of video content.

Mediaweek: CBS, MediaMind Partner on Video Extender Ad Tool

Story covering how CBS and MediaMind created a new ad treatment called the Video Extender, which allows users to view video ads in as large a screen as they’d like…

New York Times, SnagFilms to Expand Distribution of Documentaries

Article about how SnagFilms, which was an ad-supported online aggregator of documentary films, is expected to announce a series of deals that will make it a significant distributor of documentaries through a half-dozen on-demand services…

Online Video Ad Segment Poised

to Explode

The online video advertising market is poised for rapid growth over the next few years, according to eMarketer

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