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50 Year Anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s Presidential Election

November 8, 2010 marks the 50 year anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s presidential election. If you’re covering JFK’s brief but influential presidency in light of this milestone, don’t miss our archival content of the 35th U.S. President. Our library contains video of Kennedy on the campaign trail; debating against Republican presidential candidate, Richard Nixon; voting during the 1960 election; speaking at political rallies; and being sworn in as President. To watch our footage of JFK through the years,


2010 Big Ten Football Video Highlight Package

Online publishers and broadband programmers can subscribe to Thought Equity Motion’s 2010 Big Ten Football Video Highlight Package. Subscribers will receive pre-produced two-minute video highlights of every 2010 Big Ten Conference football game available for download just hours after the completion of the game. The package features professionally-produced highlight videos of more than 75 2010 Big Ten Conference football games. In addition, subscribers will receive bonus videos throughout the season, including season previews as well as coach and player interviews. Contact your Thought Equity Motion Sales Representative for pricing and delivery options.

Realscreen, Stock Stuff

Article about new collections and developments from the archive scene. To read the full story,  

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Check out how documentarians are using our archival content and research services to enhance their factual entertainment productions.

New Animal Productions, a boutique production company, worked with our New York Documentary Team when producing, JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America—a two-part History® channel special about the Kennedy assassination and the speculation following his murder. The producers looked to our research experts to identify specific news content related to JFK and his assassination within the BBC and CBS News archives. Without a narrator, the producers placed the burden of storytelling squarely on the archive, trusting that the images themselves would tell the story. Since the four hour special was entirely comprised of archival video, the clips the producers ended up licensing from our BBC and CBS News collections were invaluable to the production. To watch the trailer,

Over the course of the last 5 years, Thought Equity Motion’s New York Documentary Team worked closely with South Hill Films—independent documentary production company—to find unique archival footage for the biography, Hubert H. Humphrey: The Art of The Possible. The documentary is slated to be syndicated through American Public Television (APT) on PBS in fall 2010. The film centers around Humphrey’s political life, the 1968 Presidential election, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which Humphrey played a large role in passing. The film’s director/producer licensed Civil Rights era and Vietnam War b-roll news footage from Thought Equity Motion’s CBS News collection to help tell the 38th Vice President of the United States’ life story. Hubert H. Humphrey: The Art of The Possible provides a detailed exploration of the 1964 Civil Right Act, and the archival content from our library helped make this possible. To learn more about Hubert H. Humphrey and for updates about the fall premier,


Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:” Mica Imamura, General Manager, Asia Pacific; Nick De Toustain, Content Sales Manager; Sachie Takahashi, Content Sales Manager; Jack Boram, Regional Sales Director; Chloe Rice, Content Sales Representative; Dominique Price, Research Motion Editor; Kara Weiner, Research Creative; Craig Terrill, Fulfillment Specialist; Rara Ito, Research Project Manager; Matt Fisher, Fulfillment Specialist; Erica Montgomery , Content Sales Representative; Jennifer Kilburn, Group Research Manager; Francelle Wax, Research Creative; Andrea Watson, Content Sales Manager.


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20 yrs. since Iraq invaded Kuwait

65 yrs. since
Hiroshima bombing

PGA Championship

Mother Teresa born 100 yrs. ago

Back to school

40 yrs. since Jimi Hendrix’s death

News from the world of video content. 

New York Times, Guggenheim and YouTube Seek Budding Video Artists

Article about a video contest, YouTube Play, intended to discover innovative work from unexpected sources…

Media Daily News: Nielsen – Americans Watch More TV, Smartphones on Rise
Story covers a new report that shows the penetration of devices equipped for video viewing has risen notably over the past year

Bloomberg: Hulu Said to Be in

Talks With CBS, Viacom for Shows
as Paid Service Nears

Hulu LLC is in talks with CBS Corp.,Viacom Inc. and Time Warner Inc. to add their television shows to Hulu’s planned paid subscription service…

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