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Check out how our clients are using video content and tools to save time and money and drive new value. 

ADVERTISING: Mullen, a full service modern advertising agency, licensed footage from Thought Equity Motion to include in its “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” commercial for the Ad Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the spot the international community and prominent global figures honor an everyday woman, Rachel, who didn’t get behind the wheel following a night of drinking. To view ad, click here.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Thought Equity Motion worked with the production team at Design Island, a multi-media concept and production company, to find footage for Thundering Herd, a documentary produced for the Dome Planetarium at the Dallas Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. While researching what clips to use for this project, Thought Equity Motion’s team had to keep in mind that the viewers would be looking up at the screen to watch the movie and not directly at it.

DESIGN & COMMUNICATION: Thought Equity Motion worked with Go Basil, a German-based design and communication agency (formally known as Geheimtipp), to license the infamous “Jesus Lizard” video featured in the background of the firm’s corporate site. To see the footage, click here.


Media Post’s Video Insider Blog:

“A New Video Frontier With Contextual Media”

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Update on the HP Envy Music Video Editing Challenge

In case you missed last month’s ThoughtBox, we provided footage for the Chicago Convergence’s HP Envy Music Video Editing Challenge. Well, the judges reviewed the contestants’ submissions and selected Editor Paul Miglio’s “Understated Overachiever” music video. Congrats Paul! To watch his creation, click here.

DV “Stock Footage: Definition Division”

In this piece, Kevin Schaff, CEO and founder, provides insight about the value of Thought Equity Motion’s non-replicable news, sports and entertainment SD video in today’s HD world. Read Article.


As students and families start planning their spring break vacations, check out our worldly travel and adventure videos. This collection— which can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com – includes a range of travel, party, activity and destination-related footage. This eye catching spring break content can be used as destination b-roll for PR opportunities, travel promotions, commercials and more. To view our spring break collection, click here.



We recently added 5,000 HD clips to the National Geographic collection! To view some of new breathtaking cultural and geographic footage in National Geographic’s archive, click here.


Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:”

Ashley McMahon, Marketing Manager; Jennifer Durbin, Content Sales Manager;

Julian Woll, Content Sales Representative; Joy Ardizzone, Senior Research Creative;

Dave Green, Content Sales Manager; Donny Wells, Creative Director.


A video-powered discussion of news, culture, sports and history. 

Happy 75th Birthday Elvis Presley. 

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Happy New Year!

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90 Years Since Prohibition Began in the United States. 

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Looking back, here are some videos that we think capture some of the most memorable moments of 2009. All of these videos can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com. 


Upcoming video topics. For more updates about our timely video bins, follow us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/ThoughtEquity. 




Pluto Turns 80! View >

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Induction Ceremony View >

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St. Patrick’s Day View >

First Day of Spring View >


News from the world of video content.

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2010 in Online Video:

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CNN.com Redesign Boosts

Web Video Traffic.

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