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Check out how our clients are using video content and tools to save time and money and drive new value. 

TV: Thought Equity Motion worked with Showtime to provide footage for an interactive game it developed that promotes the network’s show, Dexter. To play or see the game, click here

ADVERTISING: ESPN (on behalf of Toshiba) came to Thought Equity Motion to secure sports video for use in two recent national commercials to promote Toshiba’s LED TVs and laptops. TEM handled the clearance through ESPN for the clips from the four college football teams that appear on the LED TV in this Toshiba commercial. Additionally, Thought Equity Motion licensed the sports content playing on the Toshiba laptop in this TV spot.

EDUCATION: To supplement its text-based curriculum, an innovative educational software provider leveraged Thought Equity Motion’s historical video footage to make its K-12 social studies, world history and geography online courses more engaging. In some instances, the educational software provider completely replaced the text used in its online classes with our videos.


Entrepreneur.com: How to Find Ambitious Employees

Kevin Schaff, CEO and founder, discusses how Thought Equity Motion got its start and comments on what it takes to recruit and hire an ambitious and talented staff. Read Article >

HP Envy Music Video Editing Challenge

The three editors competing in Chicago Convergence’s HP Envy Music Video Editing Challenge will be using 10 pre-determined clips from Thought Equity Motion’s library to create a finished music video. Our very own Christoph Uhlig—director of sales, central region—is one of the competition’s judges who will be evaluating the three videos and selecting a winner in the coming weeks. The editors will be uploading their final videos online for the judges to review in the coming weeks for all to see, so stay tuned!


As the 2010 award season approaches, Thought Equity Motion’s entertainment news collection will come in handy! This comprehensive collection, which can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com, covers the biggest award ceremonies and most prestigious red carpet events in Hollywood. Search our collection for interviews with award-winning celebrities, behind-the-scenes red carpet footage, premiere event coverage and more, all of which can be utilized to create or enhance your entertainment news programming. To view our entertainment news collection, click here.

Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:”

Ashley McMahon, Marketing Manager; Elizabeth Hammer, Commercialization Manager; James Harrison, Content Sales Representative; Jennifer Durbin, Content Sales Manager; Joel Stendahl, Content Sales Representative; Joy Ardizzone, Senior Research Creative; Sarah Perrine, Metadata Project Manager; Matt Calhoun, Content Sales Representative; Nick De Toustain, Content Sales Manager; Susan Begley, Content Sales Manager.


A video-powered discussion of news, culture, sports and history. 

Remembering John Lennon 29 Years After His Death. 

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Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Revisiting the Occupation of Alcatraz. 

Blog >

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What do hot chocolate, snow angels and auger blades have in common? Winter! Check out some of the videos that remind us of the winter season. All of these videos can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com. 


Upcoming video topics. For more updates about our timely video bins, follow us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/ThoughtEquity. 

Groundhog Day View >

Super Bowl View >

Brazilian Carnival View >

45 Year Anniversary of the Assassination of Malcolm X View >

Valentine’s Day View >

Five Years Since the Kyoto Protocol Comes into Force View >



News from the world of video content. 

Creating Video For Search Engines

Article provides tips on what to do, and what not to do when creating videos for the Web…

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How Engaging is Online Video?

The piece talks about the engaging nature of online video. It states that rich media ads with video have higher dwell rates than those without, and almost double the dwell time. The article also noted that video ads did best when placed next to e-mail, news, finance, sports and music…Read Article >

Digital Billboards Safe,

Another Study Says

Story about a survey, which found that digital billboards are safe and not linked to traffic accidents. The piece notes that digital billboards are the fastest growing of all digital out-of-home segments, forecast to grow 13.2 percent to $568 million in 2010…

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