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HD Twister and Tornado Aftermath Footage
The outcome of the deadliest U.S. tornado in 60 years in Joplin, Missouri has left many shaken from the destruction of homes and lost loved ones. To help put this recent catastrophe into context, news and documentary producers can utilize Thought Equity Motion’s expansive selection of HD footage of past twisters that have blown through the notorious Tornado Alley and the aftermath they’ve left behind. To see our tornado-related footage…

Expanded Entertainment & Celebrity Offering
We recently added thousands of hours of current and archival video of Hollywood stars, popular athletes, and international icons to our Entertainment & Celebrity collection. New content is added daily so you can stay on top of the latest celerity and entertainment news. To learn more about this content…

New Paramount Pictures Classic Film Collection
Producers and creatives looking to add historic context to modern-day productions will enjoy the recently restored and digitized content from more than 100 reels of nitrate film shot by Paramount Pictures. The collection contains footage from more than 200 movies that date back to the early 1900s, including Sabrina, Psycho and It’s A Wonderful Life. Subjects range from land, water and air military footage and historic establishing shots from around the world. To view the Paramount Pictures Classic Film Collection…

White Paper: Deriving New Value from Video Content Libraries
Did you missed the VideoNuze/The Diffusion Group webinar about the issues associated with surfacing and monetizing video content libraries that Mark Lemmons, CTO at Thought Equity Motion participated in? If so, you can still download the “Deriving New Value from Video Content Libraries” white paper to learn about some of the topics that were covered. To download the white paper…

Thought Equity Motion’s Footage Library Powers Al Gore’s Interactive Our Choice iOS App. To read the press release…

Wyoming Business Report: Company Brings Hollywood to Wyoming
Article about how why Thought Equity Motion’s CEO decided to locate the company’s multi-petabyte data center—which stores and manages archives for many of the world’s largest media companies—in Wyoming. To read the article…

Thought Equity Motion Expands Entertainment & Celebrity News and Digital Publisher Offering. To read the press release…

Upcoming conferences where you can see Thought Equity Motion:

Internet Week: June 6-13 • New York
College Sports Video Summit: June 7-8 • Atlanta
Reel Thing, AMIA: August 19-20 • Los Angeles

Below are a few commonly asked questions about our Offline Research process. For additional questions or to have a project evaluated contact, rightsandclearances@thoughtequity.com or call 720-382-2879.


1. What is offline content and how much offline content does Thought Equity Motion have? “Offline content” represents a wider group of video assets in Thought Equity Motion’s library that may require additional steps to view and license. They can still be found through the usual website search tools on thoughtequity.com, but in order to view and then purchase these assets, you must contact a Thought Equity Motion sales representative to request a Screener (a low-resolution, watermarked version of the complete asset). In addition to the millions of hours of content available for search, preview and download on www.thoughtequity.com, we offer more than nine million hours of offline content that we can ingest and offer for online download when requested.

2. What is included in Thought Equity Motion’s offline footage collection? Our offline collection includes a range of natural history, news, science, nature, American history, sports, and entertainment content from our world-class media partners such as the BBC, CBS News, China Central Television (CCTV), and NHK—Japan’s number one source for news. Our offline archive is a great resource for documentarians and factual entertainment producers looking to add historic context to their productions.

3. How do customers order Screeners? Also how does Thought Equity Motion deliver Screeners and how long does the delivery process generally take? Screeners of offline content can be obtained by contacting a Thought Equity Motion sales representative. Screeners can be delivered via physical delivery (i.e. DVD or hard drive) or online download on www.thoughtequity.com. It can take one to two weeks for a Screener to be ready for client delivery, as many times our specialized Offline Research Team works with our media partners’ internal archivists directly to find physical assets.

Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:” Rara Ito, Regional Operations and Research Manager; Mike Nichols, Quality and Sustainability Developer; Shannon Dunn, Director of Rights and Clearances; Jennifer Kilburn, Group Research Manager; Michael Wright, Content Sales Manager; James McKay, Content Sales Representative

A video-powered discussion of news, culture, sports and history. Here are some of our latest posts.


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End of the Zeppelin Era: The Hindenburg Disaster

The Kent State Shootings 41 years later

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Check out a selection of our vacation destination clips. All content can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com.

Upcoming video topics. For more updates about our timely video bins, follow us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/ThoughtEquity

10th anniversary since execution of
Timothy McVeigh

The Olsen twins turn 25

Celebration of Juneteenth

Anniversary of Disneyland opening
in Anaheim

71 years since the creation of Bugs Bunny

News from the world of video content.

MediaPost: Video News is Good News–85% of Media Sites Now Use Video
Piece that says 85% of media sites now use video, indicating that online media has officially become a video programming network. To read the article…

San Francisco Gate, The Tech Chronicles blog: Netflix now the Biggest Source of Web Traffic
Article about how Netflix has become the single biggest source of Internet traffic in North America, leading a surge in digital entertainment. To read the article…

Wall Street Journal, Speakeasy blog: Artists Experiment with Interactive
Music Videos

Post about how music video producers are integrating more dynamic and interactive digital elements into productions to help further engage fans. To read the article…


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