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With unparalleled content, technology and service offerings,

Thought Equity Motion is a one stop resource for your trade show needs. We work strategically with broadband, wireless, hardware, consumer electronics, and other emerging technology companies to create eye-catching video presentations for trade shows, booths and product demonstrations. Footage can be delivered in virtually any codec and is available in a range of formats, including showreels, HD, short programs, and 3D content. To learn more, contact a sales representative at sales@thoughtequity.com or

NCAA® Basketball Footage

With NCAA® March Madness® right around the corner, Thought Equity Motion can help you license college basketball clips for last-minute projects including, commercials, sponsorships and other broadband and video productions. Our selection of pre-approved basketball clips can dramatically cut the usual clearance approval turnaround time. View a sample of pre-approved basketball clips,


Documentary: REAGAN

Thought Equity Motion worked with New York-based production company, Boom Pictures, to license footage for “REAGAN,” a 2 hour HISTORY® documentary special that constructs a portrait of the former Commander in Chief through defining moments from his 94 years. In light of what would have been Reagan’s 100th birthday, the special is scheduled to premier on Feb. 6 on the HISTORY channel.  The majority of the video that Boom Pictures licensed for “REAGAN” came from Thought Equity Motion’s offline CBS News archive. The clips cover a range of moments and events that impacted Reagan’s life, Presidency and death, including the Iran Contra scandal and the handwritten letter he addressed to the American people informing them that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “REAGAN” is slated to premier on HISTORY on February 9 at 9 p.m. ET. To learn more about this special program,



Below are a few commonly asked questions about our Rights & Clearances services. For additional questions or to have a project evaluated contact, rightsandclearances@thoughtequity.com or 

call 720-382-2879.

1. We are interested in licensing footage that features celebrities for an advertisement, can Thought Equity Motion help?

Yes. Thought Equity Motion has relationships with all the major talent agencies, studios and estates and we can secure permission for you to use the likeness of a celebrity or studio footage in your project.

2. What clearances services does Thought Equity Motion offer?

Thought Equity Motion can clear celebrities, music, studio and television content, famous speeches, and trademarks for use in any project to be distributed in any medium. In addition to managing the research process to help you find the right clips, Thought Equity Motion can also:

  • Handle all negotiations with agents and third parties
  • Handle all paperwork to secure the rights
  • Assist your creative teams in finding suitable alternatives for projects that fit various production budgets

3. What is Footage Assurance and why does Thought Equity Motion
offer it?

At times, it may not be possible to identify or locate individuals that are visible in footage you want to use in your project. In these instances, Thought Equity Motion may be able to provide “Footage Assurance,” which gives additional protection to you and your project. We assume the risk associated with your use of the footage and address any issues that may arise from potential rights holders.

4. How much will it cost to have Thought Equity Motion evaluate my project to determine if other rights or permissions are required?

Thought Equity Motion’s initial assessment to determine if clearance services are recommended or Footage Assurance is available is free of charge.




Check out the articles below about the launch of the ACC Vault, which is powered by our Platform. The site is an online video archive of full-length, classic Tournament and regular season men’s basketball games from all 12 ACC member institutions.

SVG, Thought Equity Motion, Raycom Sports Open ACC Vault

Sports Business Journal, Conferences See Gold in Video Vaults (PDF)

Wired, Online College Hoops Video Archive Goes Local

The Denver Post, Denver Company’s Video Indexing a Highlight Vault

for College Hoops Fans

Upcoming conferences where you can see Thought Equity Motion:

Sports Entertainment Summit: Jan. 18 • Los Angeles

History Makers: Jan. 26-28 • New York

RealScreen Summit: Jan. 31-Feb. 2 • New York

Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC):

March 1-4 • Adelaide

Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:”Joy Ardizzone, Senior research Creative; John Green, Content Sales Manager; Kara Weinert, Research Creative : Yen Chu, Regional Sales Manager, Canada; and Jennifer Kilburn, Group Research Manager.


A video-powered discussion of news, culture, sports and history. Here are some of our latest posts. 

Ronald Reagan’s Centennial Birthday 

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Check out a selection of our clips featuring global political figures and revolutionaries. All content can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com. 

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Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday

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News from the world of video content.

Reuters: National Film Registry Names

25 Films to Preservation List

A range of movies from comedy “Airplane!”

to George Lucas’ “The Empire Strikes Back”

and 1906 short film “A Trip Down Market Street” were named to the National Film Registry, ensuring their preservation for future generations. To read the article…

Online Media Daily: YouTube Mobile Traffic Hits 200 Million Views

YouTube reveals that mobile video plays tripled during 2010 to 200 million a day. To read the article

Electronista: First terrestrial 3D TV service goes live in Italy

A limited trial of the first terrestrial 3D TV service is now live in Italy. To read the article…


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