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This archival Australian and international newsreel collection, covers events from the 1930s through the mid-1970s. The collection showcases the changing attitudes of Australia and the world, recording and commenting on every major event in politics, war, natural disasters, entertainment and sports. To visit the collection page,


Citizens United Productions

Thought Equity Motion’s specialized political/non-profit team worked with Citizens United Productions, the production arm of a conservative non-profit organization, to license editorial footage to communicate key political messages in its latest DVDs: America at Risk and Fire from the Heartland. For America at Risk, a documentary about the dangers facing America after the attacks on 9/11, the producer licensed anti-terrorism news footage from the BBC Motion Gallery and CBS News collections, including a news clip from May 2010 about the failed Times Square bomber in New York. Fire from the Heartland, a film that tells the story of the American conservative woman, features clips of well-known conservative female political figures including Margret Thatcher, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, on the campaign trail and giving speeches.

Sports Illustrated/PSE Promotions

Building on the kick-off of the 2010 football season, Thought Equity Motion worked with PSE, a packaged sports and entertainment promotion company, to provide Sports Illustrated with a memorable college football DVD that the publisher could gift to its new subscribers. We supplied Sports Illustrated with “The Greatest Moments in College Bowl Football” DVDs—a video compilation, produced by Thought Equity Motion, containing popular bowl game footage from our NBC Sports library. This DVD is currently being offered to subscribers as a complimentary gift for ordering 28 weekly issues of the magazine at a discounted price. This offer is valid through Dec. 31, 2010. To learn more about the offer, or to subscribe to Sports Illustrated and receive the DVD gift,


Silicon Alley Insider (SAI), The Digital 100:

The World’s Most Valuable Startups

SAI released its influential annual list of Top Digital Startups. Thought Equity Motion made the list, along with companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Demand Media, Brightcove, and Federated Media. To read Thought Equity Motion’s write-up,

Storage Newsletter, IBM and Thought Equity Motion Collaborate

Article about how Thought Equity Motion and IBM are collaborating on a major film digitization and preservation project for the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. To read the full article,

Online Video Insider (Media Post), Unleash Long-Form

Video For Web Consumption

Thought Equity Motion’s CEO & Founder, Kevin Schaff, discusses how video archives should be curated and stored to match the way people prefer to watch online video today. To read the full article,

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15 Years Ago, OJ Simpson Receives Not Guilty Verdict 

Wild and Wacky Video Clips 

I’m Not Laughing at You… 

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25 Years since Geneva Summit

100 Years Since the Opening of Penn Station in New York

30 Year Anniversary of John Lennon’s Assassination

Election Day (US)

Thanksgiving Day (US)

News from the world of video content.

For Baseball Archivists, a Tag Ends

Every Play

Article about how Major League Baseball (MLB) is digitizing and applying metadata to its video archive to preserve and enable easy access to memorable moments in baseball history…

Political Ad Spending to Soar

Story notes that political ad spending will reach $4.2 billion this year, double the $2.1 billion the firm estimated was spent in 2008, according to Borrell Associates…

Digital Outsider: Clear Channel Goes 3D

in Times Square

Post about Clear Channel Spectacolor’s 3D promotion for Honda’s new CR-Z Sport Hybrid coupe in Times Square

Hot Online Video

Article predicts that there will be a significant spending surge in online video advertising in the coming years…


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