Store Your Master Quality Video in the Cloud
The T3 Platform helps production companies, small to medium size ad agencies, corporations, and other multi-media organizations store, access, and deliver master quality video files in a multitude of formats.

  • Do you have more than 10TB of video?
  • Is your video securely backed up?
  • Do you mail hard drives and discs to other offices and clients?

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Who’s using the T3 Platform?
The T3 Platform is used by thousands of small media companies and is trusted by some of the world’s largest media companies. Learn more at

Ted works at a mid-sized agency in LA. He used to store both his raw video and finished productions on 1TB hard drives that he bought every month. He wanted a more reliable, secure solution, but his IT department didn’t want to manage additional server space or hardware. Ted now uses the T3 Platform to store his video in the cloud, where the master files are now backed up, secure, and accessible from any Internet browser.


Kim runs a production company and has 6 years of videos stored on drives and discs. She manages recent projects locally on her editing suite, but when a client asks for an asset, she has to search for the file, convert it to the desired format, and then mail the file on a disc. With the T3 Platform, Kim can quickly search and access any video in the cloud and deliver programs and clips directly in any format to her clients by download or FTP.