Platform Overview

The Thought Equity Motion Platform is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management system. Through it, we allow content owners to store their master quality libraries in our advanced storage system with web-quality proxies available for preview and metadata for search. While the Platform is incredibly feature-rich, there are really only a couple of core functional purposes for any content owner: Content accessibility, data accessibility, and secure storage.

This is the homepage for library manager:

The content is available in many forms. We have Text assets and previews for Online assets. We can produce several different renditions of a single master file for ready use. These include but aren’t limited to small and large Flash files, .mov, and thumbnails. They can be viewed, shared, clipped, delivered, or retrieved. The data comes in many types but there is a great deal for each asset and much of it is searchable. For instance, technical metadata as well as descriptive, and for longform assets there is also timeline metadata, which breaks a single asset into segments of descriptive information that form what we refer to as ‘virtual clips’.

In the pages that follow, you will find descriptions and recordings of individual features and functionalities inside the Library Manager product set. The links below will lead you to the demo pages. The latest functions are published at the tops of the pages, so come back often as we will update these regularly with new releases.