Basic Search Instructions

With hundreds of thousands of clips in our online library, finding the footage you want quickly and easily is important. Your Thought Equity Motion Sales Representative can provide free research help, but if you’d like to browse on your own time, use the following basic search tips and tricks.

1.  Perform a Search

Boolean modifiers (AND, NOT & OR) may be used in combination to limit or expand searches. These terms must be entered in CAPITAL letters.

  • AND: Use this operator when you wish to return clips featuring both terms. For example, a search for butterfly AND yellow will return clips with keywords “butterfly” and the color “yellow.” You can also eliminate the use of AND and leave a space between multiple search terms.
  • NOT: Use this operator to exclude certain clips from a search. For example, a search for butterfly NOT swimming will return clips containing the keyword “butterfly” but eliminate those clips with “swimming”. In this case, swimmers doing the butterfly stroke would not appear in the search results.
  • OR: Use this operator to search for clips containing either keyword. For example, a search for butterfly OR moth will return clips featuring butterflies or moths.
  • Combining operators: Use a combination of keywords and operators to further narrow a search. For example butterfly AND yellow NOT swimming NOT fish will return clips containing “butterfly” and “yellow” but will eliminate clips of swimmers doing the butterfly stroke and butterfly fish.

A keyword search in quotation marks (i.e. “New York City,” “lowland gorilla,” “Albert Einstein,” etc.) will return clips with the exact phrase. This is useful in narrowing searches to exact people, places, wildlife, historical events, etc.

2.  Review Search Results

Once you complete an initial search, you will be taken to a Search Results Page with thumbnails representing all available clips that match your search criteria. Place your cursor over the thumbnail to see the clip in motion.


Below the thumbnail are four icons:

  • Information (i): The information icon provides a quick display of detailed clip information including Clip ID, Rights, Clearance Status and technical information. Review this information by hovering the mouse over this icon.
  • Magnifying Glass: Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will display the Clip Details Page. Information on this page includes: Rights, Clearance Status, Aspect, Frame Rate, Frame Size, Broadcast Standard, Speed and Date.
  • Plus Sign (+): Clicking on the plus sign icon will add the clip to your bin. The default focused bin location is My Clips.
  • Shopping Cart: Clicking on the shopping cart icon will add the clip to you Cart.

Clicking on the thumbnail will open the Clip Details Page.

3.  Clip Details Page

After clicking on a clip, the Clip Details Page will open in a new window.

On the right side of the screen is Clip Information, which provides the following details:

  • Rights – whether the clip is Royalty Free or Rights Managed, and any restrictions associated with the clip
  • Clearance Status –releases for any Talent or Property in the clip
  • Aspect – describes the aspect ratio of the footage: 16:9 – is traditionally an HD format, 4:3 – is a SD format
  • Frame Rate – the number of Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • Frame Size – describes the number of pixels in the clips; the higher number of pixels the clearer the image will be
  • Broadcast Standard – there are two primary forms: PAL – the standard European format, consists of 25 FPS and NTSC – the standard North American format, consists of 29.9 FPS
  • Shot On – describes the medium in which the content was shot on
  • Length – is the duration of the clip
  • Physical Delivery Options – illustrates the types of mediums in which the content can be transferred to and delivered on
  • Stored Online – how the content is stored at TEM’s refinery
  • Speed – the speed of the film
  • Color – color versus black and white
  • Date – date in which the content was filmed
  • Location – the location in which the content was filmed
  • Film Available – describes whether the content is film backed

Below the clip, you will see Licensing Options. To the right of the clip is additional Clip Information, including rights, clearance status, format and more.

On the left of the screen, there is a link to Download Comps so you can develop a rough cut before making final purchase decisions. The Search Related Keywords tool can be used to modify and refine your search topic. Finally, Related Assets includes links to the master clip and other clips in the series.


For free research assistance, contact your Thought Equity Motion Sales Representative or call 866.815.6599.

After clicking on a clip a new page appears with a larger preview of the clip as well as additional information about the clip. On the right hand side of the screen is the “Clip Information” box, which details a number of important items related to the clip including: 1) any restrictions associated with the clip; 2) Rights and Clearance information related to talent, property, etc. and 3) general information about the format of the clip.