Download Comps

Explore different footage options by developing rough cuts before making the final purchase decision. Download frame-accurate watermarked comps instantly, free of charge.

1.  Download Standard Comps
A frame-accurate Standard Comp is available for instant download. These comps include a Thought Equity Motion watermark and asset name. The frame-size has been reduced slightly to ensure instant download.

To download a Standard Comp, first navigate to the Clip Details Page by clicking on the thumbnail or clicking the Magnifying Glass icon under the thumbnail. Once on the Clip Details Page, click the Download Comp icon within the Options menu or click the Download Comp button after the Standard Comps description.

2.  Download Custom Comp

To download a Custom Comp, click the Download Comp arrow icon on the Clip Details Page.


On the next screen, select Customize Your Comp.

A pop-up will appear with options to Include time code and Include asset name. Once you make your selects, click the Make a Custom Comp Request button.

You will then be taken to My Orders page. Processing your Custom Comp will take as few as 15 minutes and in rare occasions, up to 4 hours depending on chosen variables and file size.

When your Custom Comp is ready, you will receive an email notifying you that your comp is ready for download. Click the link provided in the email or go directly to My Orders to download your comp.

Note: My Comps appear under My Orders. Depending on the number of orders, you might have to scroll down the page to find your comps.


For assistance downloading comps, contact your Thought Equity Motion Sales Representative or call 866.815.6599.