RSVP Publications Launches Thought Equity Digital Asset Management Solution for Upscale, Direct Mail Campaigns

Denver, May 17, 2004 — Thought Equity, a leader of video management and stock footage licensing services, announced today that the company has closed its series B financing of $7.2 million in angel funding.Thought Equity, the nation’s largest supplier of stock motion footage and production-ready television commercials for cable and broadcast companies, was honored with an Apex Award by the Colorado Software and Internet Association (CSIA) last night at the annual awards ceremony held at the University of Denver’s Newman Center. Thought Equity, the nation’s largest supplier of production-ready advertising solutions and stock footage for cable, broadcast and other media companies, today announced that RSVP Publications has selected Thought Equity’s Digital Asset Management solution, designed for media companies to help lower production and sales costs. Thought Equity will provide RSVP’s franchises with easy, online access to the company’s digital library of tens of thousands of high quality images for their direct mail business.

RSVP Publications is an upscale cooperative direct mailer that regularly reaches over 9 million homes across the country. The RSVP network serves over 90 franchise markets that produce glossy, full color postcard decks to attract attention, generate high response rates and maintain a positive image for their clients. The company uses thousands of concept images and photographs to market high-end home improvement and luxury products and services.

RSVP chose Thought Equity’s custom asset management system and infrastructure to allow RSVP’s franchises to access, manipulate and share their own creative concepts and direct mail postcards across the franchises. The web-based system houses digital versions of all images and ad copy and allows producers to instantly search, preview, and submit artwork usage requests. Thought Equity’s asset management architecture includes the security and rights-management needed to support a decentralized creative enterprise with many regions.

“Thought Equity’s technology and service is an ideal solution for our franchises,” said Larry Golden, executive vice president of RSVP Publications. “We’re continuously looking for ways to share ideas, save time and increase efficiencies for each franchise. This service will drive our production costs down, streamline our processes, and allow us to maintain our reputation for high quality images. After 18 years we know what works and now have an archived library of thousands of successful ads for our franchisees to use. This service makes the sharing of our assets over a nationwide publishing network, fast, accurate and efficient.”

Having instant access to high-quality artwork they can show to prospective clients allows RSVP sales people to quickly open doors to new advertisers, thereby shortening the sales cycle. Franchises also see a reduction in costs as the time-intensive process of manually sorting through decks of cards is replaced with instant, online search and retrieval capability.

Rather than invest in technology, hardware and staffing that is outside of the core expertise of the company, RSVP selected Thought Equity in order to gain the benefits of a system for information sharing without defocusing their sales, production or IT department.

“RSVP Publications is focused on the fastest-growing segment within their industry – postcards,” said Kevin Schaff, CEO and founder of Thought Equity. “In order to continue to generate high response rates and to provide a high-value advertising solution to its customers, they needed instant access to their searchable library of top quality ads, without incurring the high costs of building that infrastructure in-house. Our solution meets all of those objectives.”

About RSVP Publications
RSVP Publications is a nationwide franchisor of direct mail advertising postcard decks. Their franchise network covers 90 major metropolitan markets across the US. Their postcard packs are mailed to 50,000-300,000 homeowners in each market they cover, regularly reaching over 9 million of the country’s most affluent homes. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, RSVP Publications has franchises in 35 states. For more information, visit

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