FAQs for Production Opportunities

How do I download free comps for editing?

Each clip in our library has a comp available for download. From a search results page, you can click on the thumbnail preview to go to a clip details page where you can download the comp. For more details on downloading comps, click here.

How do I download voiceovers and music tracks?

In the upper-right section of the Production Opportunities page, audio files in mp3 format are available for download. By right-clicking or ctrl-clicking (Mac) on these files, you can choose to download them to your computer.

In what size and format should I upload my finished project?

Upload your finished project in QuickTime MPEG-4, no larger than 720×480 frame size.

What type of transitions and effects can I apply to my project?

Any types of transitions, text overlays or effects are acceptable.

Published: Apr 04, 2007

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