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How Admine Works

Upon signing up for a number of subscription seats for the Admine:Print service, sales and creative departments at the publication is provided with username and password access to the AdMine library, allowing the specified number of employees to have access. Users can search based on vertical category and browse the library content on-line. AdMine is an easy to use, web based application. Up to 4 hours of orientation and training are provided as part of a new subscription.

To take advantage of the AdMine library for spec ads, a publication determines which sales and production staff can benefit from access to the library, and establishes accounts for each. Monthly subscription charges apply to the number of users. All vertical market categories are included with each subscription. Monthly subscription charges give the ability to browse the digital repository and print spec ad content for display to prospective customers.

When an ad is found that looks promising, sales and production staff can print out a read-only image, in PDFª format for closer examination. A custom border, showing publication identity, is part of each printout, establishing the sales link between the spec content and the publication. An unlimited number of these read-only images can be browsed and printed in each vertical subscriber category, with no per-piece artwork charges.

Once an ad is chosen by a customer, the full artwork is "checked out" or purchased by the publication staff. Only artwork that is to be published and exclusively reserved needs to be purchased. Artwork is in Quarkª format, and the download from the AdMine library includes everything necessary to edit, modify, and manipulate the ad to meet customer specifications. Each time an ad is checked out, a artwork charge is placed on the publicationÕs account. From this point the process is simple. The publication now has control over the Quark source file for the advertisements, and can modify, label and customize to the meet the customer demands.

Importantly, once an ad is checked out, the publication gains exclusive rights to use it within the specified geographical area for a period of 12 months. While the ad may be visible to other publications, it cannot be checked out by publications within the same market for 12 months.

Once per month, the charges for user subscriptions and the purchased artwork are billed directly to the user organization.

"Users can search based on vertical category and browse the library content on-line. AdMine is an easy to use, web based application."
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