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The AdMine advantage is the library of high quality advertising content that gives the sales team the advantage in closing the media purchase. The AdMine library is the nations largest collection of fully developed print campaigns, licensed from leading creative firms nationwide. More than single advertisements, they include multi-piece print campaigns that result in extended media buys rather than a single purchase. AdMine covers 20 vertical industries, such as automotive, dining, healthcare, financial services and general retail.

Thought Equity has established content sharing licenses with over 300 creative agencies nationwide. On a continuous basis, Thought Equity receives unused print advertisements from its partners. They include campaigns created for specific advertisers, as well as spec campaigns never chosen for media publication. Each piece is processed in the AdMine digital refinery to ensure consistent file formats, completeness and quality. It is indexed and stored in the AdMine digital repository. When a specific piece is licensed for publication, AdMine shares the resulting license fees with the original creator, generating a return on work that previously was shelved. And because the more unused work an agency contributes to the AdMine library, the more it can earn, so this strong incentive keeps a steady flow of fresh, new content for AdMine subscribers.

Thought Equity controls the rights to each campaign in the library. This ensures that each piece will only appear in markets under the exclusive AdMine license, and allows city and regional publications to license this exclusive usage within their market.

The digital library now includes over 15,000 pieces across thousands of campaigns. Through its ongoing process of content acquisition, Thought Equity is constantly adding to its library, to keep the content fresh of the highest quality. With the dedicated staff of its digital refinery, new pieces are constantly being incorporated into the Admine:Print library.

Each piece in the AdMine library is a full advertisement, ready to be tailored to your customer. Many pieces are components of three part campaigns, providing the base for long running media buy. Included are design, copy and photograph. Sizes range from small sections to full page advertisements. Once a finished piece is purchased, everything is delivered in Quark format.


"The AdMine library is the nations largest collection of fully developed print campaigns, licensed from leading creative firms nationwide"
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