Not Dead Yet Leveraging Production Equity To New Creative Gains

A recent New York Times article showcased a company that trades in the leverage of old (read: dead) consumer product brands. By capitalizing on the inherent value of the marketing dollars that went into developing brands that no longer exist, the company is able to re-sell and re-package a brand with significant equity to new gains.

Thought Equity Motion’s collection represents billions of dollars of high-production-value equity that lies behind each and every clip you’ll find on our site. For the designer or producer, this value is tremendous. Our collection allows for the freedom of driving a creative message with film that originally cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. Take another look at our Hollywood studio partners such as Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and just released MGM Studios. The marvel of these partnerships is that every day, we are able to deliver your projects the highest quality in production value while meeting your budget demands. The hard work has been done, now it’s up to you to unlock the endless possibilities.

Author: Kimber Van Ry, Channel Sales Manager
Published: Wednesday May 28, 2008 | Permalink »

Unscripted Drama This Summer Presents Stories in Real Time

Being an election and olympics year, this is going to be an event-filled summer. The unscripted drama that is sports and news will keep our attention as we watch the winners overcome the obstacles en route to victory. These stories play out in real time, with no one knowing the outcome until the very end. Improbable underdogs and come-from-behind 11th hour surges have happened all too often to make anything a sure bet. So, from the balance beam to the ballot box, get ready for a summer of great stories.

Author: Matt Winninger, Sr. Marketing Manager
Published: Wednesday May 21, 2008 | Permalink »

100 Years of Presidents on TV and Film Same Issues Still Up for Debate

Looking back at over 100 years of footage of U.S. presidents, it’s interesting to see the same topics being debated in every election. Presidential candidates both then and now present their new solutions to old problems. Sure, the styles are different, but the discussion is the same. This campaign season is dealing with issues Americans have always been concerned with—war, national defense, the economy, religion, and healthcare.

Maybe this year we’ll finally get all these issues figured out. But, if not, we can do it all over again in four years. Just watch.

Author: Matt Winninger, Sr. Marketing Manager
Published: Thursday May 15, 2008 | Permalink »

Sounds Good Music and Video Go Hand-in-Hand

While most people are used to searching at for footage, it’s now just as easy to grab music tracks to go along with a project. Last month, we started offering the capability to browse and download exclusive rights managed music, royalty free music and sound effects. Feedback has been very positive from video producers who can now get music and footage in one place.

There are a number of music search options, which allow you to search by genre, mood, instrument or keyword. If you’re after sound effects or royalty free tracks, you can simply search, browse and then add your selections to your shopping cart. If you’re after rights managed music, the licensing process is fully automated, meaning you just answer a few questions regarding project type, usage and term and you’ll get a price before you add it to your cart.

For your next video project, make sure you also search our music library to find a tune that’s right for you.

Author: Matt Winninger, Sr. Marketing Manager
Published: Monday May 12, 2008 | Permalink »

New Show Reels View Top Video Picks From the Thought Equity Motion Library

We’ve just posted a bunch of new show reels from our library, including reels from the Storyline Collection, 35mm, Young Lifestyles, Multi Cultural, Technology, Establishing Shots and Automotive.

Looking through these reels can be a good way to find some of our top picks and see the clips in better context. You can also view the clips that make up each reel by clicking on the clip bin link below each reel.

Author: Matt Winninger, Sr. Marketing Manager
Published: Friday May 9, 2008 | Permalink »
Screen Shot of Stock Footage Search Results

Getting the Most Out of Your Footage Searches (Part 2) Filter and Refine

Here is today’s tip for getting the most out of your footage search at Thought Equity Motion:

  1. Use the RED Links on the left side of the search returns page. On every search return you will see a series of red links down the left side of your page. “Filter these results” links located on the upper left side of your search return window will filter your search based on the technical criteria listed. This is similar to Advanced Search but more limited.

    Below that are a set of links called, “Refine your search”. These are keywords that occur in the clip keywords along with your primary search term. This is an extremely useful toolset because the links are listed in order of the terms that occur most frequently with your primary search. If you have a primary search term that has more than one meaning these links will allow you to easily differentiate. In my own searches, I often find that too much specificity may not be possible if I’m not sure exactly what I am looking for. One of my favorite strategies is to conduct a general search and then use these red links to browse based on the different ideas and scenarios.

    When using the red filtering links, be sure to watch the search dialog box and you will see how the critera is being used and you will learn better how to enter your own detailed searches.

Author: David Coleman, Director of Creative Services
Published: Wednesday May 7, 2008 | Permalink »
Screen Shot Showing Advanced Search Link on Thought Equity

Getting the Most Out of Your Footage Searches (Part 1) Using The Advanced Search Feature

Thought Equity Motion has a huge inventory of clips online, so effective search techniques will help speed up your searches and enable you to more efficiently find the right footage for your project. Here are some strategies to help:

  1. Make the Library smaller. Before starting your search, it helps to identify any technical criteria that can narrow your search. When starting a search at Thought, ask yourself the following questions and then proceed to Tip 2.
    • Are you looking for HD or SD?
    • Do you need a particular Broadcast Standard?
    • Do you prefer content shot on film?
    • Do you have specific minimum format requirements?
    • Is there a particular kind of shot or tempo that you are looking for, like aerial, slow motion, time-lapse, etc?
    • Are you looking for released content only?
    • Are you looking for Royalty-Free or Rights Managed content?
    • Are you looking for archival/news/sports footage or more commercial/creative footage?

  2. Use Advanced Search. Our advanced search feature allows you to pre-screen your search results based on the criteria listed above as well as many others. The advanced search link is located on the right side of the search menu.

Author: David Coleman, Director of Creative Services
Published: Thursday May 1, 2008 | Permalink »

What Is New Under The Sun Creativity Isn't Always Utterly Original

I recently went with a few friends to see “The Band’s Visit”, an Israeli film currently enjoying success on the art house film circuit.

Following the viewing, my friends and I delved into our usual post-movie critiques. The film is director Erin Kolirin’s first film, so –being the film snobs that we are - our conversation turned to observations that many of the film’s techniques are derivative of other film makers. Eventually, someone (I think it was me, actually) asked “Aren’t all films derivative of previous films– and does that make them any less creative?”

Which leads me to real point of this blog – the definition of creativity. For years, I’ve labored under the premise that to be creative is to produce something never before seen or heard – true creativity is utterly original, right?

Well, while I certainly admire creative inventiveness resulting in a brand new product, theory or process, the “creativity” I observe and enjoy most is usually the clever repurposing, repositioning or combining of existing elements. You know, the stuff that makes you slap your forehead in a “Wish I thought of that!” moment. Like luggage with wheels. Caramel corn. Or a film that tells a story that’s fresh and moves me, even though it draws on film technologies and techniques I’ve seen thousands of times.

So the next time you jettison an idea, crumple the paper your copy is written on or dump your storyboard because you fear it’s not creative, take a moment to reconsider. If it communicates the intended message, solves a problem or tells a new story - that’s genuine creativity.

Author: Kristi Kinney, Communications Manager
Published: Monday April 28, 2008 | Permalink »
Stock Footage Still Frame of Mountain Climber

The Flexibility of Footage Start With A Clip, End With a Campaign

At Thought Equity Motion, we do a lot of internal creative work with our own footage. We’ll build entire integrated campaigns from a few video clips. Starting with high-res master files, we build creative elements for broadcast, web and print. Yes, print. That’s what makes footage so great—you can select from 29 frames per second (or more) and get great still images. When you work with HD footage, you can pull a 6.4” x 3.6” still frame at 300 dpi. That’s large enough to use in a lot of different print applications and plenty big enough for any type of web imagery.

Here’s an example of a mock campaign we built from our Storyline Collection that contains a print ad, broadcast spot and web imagery. When you start with footage, you’ve got a lot of options.

Author: Matt Winninger, Sr. Marketing Manager
Published: Thursday April 24, 2008 | Permalink »

All Eyes Turn To Pennsylvania The Keystone State Primary

What do Daylight Savings Time, Ferris Wheels and Big Macs all have in common? Each was born amidst our country’s second state… Pennsylvania. The Keystone State is no stranger to an April primary. What is less familiar, is the impact their votes get to play in further propelling us toward a Democratic nominee.

Our presidential candidates have had six weeks to prepare, strategize and target their latest campaign messages for the masses. As Pennsylvania is a closed primary, Independent voters will not have the wild card here that was so pivotal in New Hampshire. There was even a push to convert Independent and Republican registrations, prior to the March 24th deadline. Since November, Democratic voter registrations have surged, with roughly 300,000 newly engaged.

The spirit of mobilization is gripping many regions of this country and Pennsylvania is the next step on our political bandwagon. I’ve heard from friends, family and filmmakers all looking to influence the outcome. Some have rolled up their sleeves, climbed aboard volunteer buses and traveled on location to serve their calling. Others leverage resources from the home front through self-created phone banks, dialing across the state to all the folks they’re acquainted with.

A perfect seven days from now, as the pendulum begins to shift toward North Carolina and Indiana, we’ll know the results of everyone’s collective efforts… if only for the moment. In the meantime, those still on the fence can tune in to tomorrow night’s debate in Philadelphia. If you’re looking for campaign trail footage or photos of all this season’s excitement, we’ll be standing by to help keep you on-schedule.

Author: Sarah Jackson, National Account Manager - Political
Published: Thursday April 17, 2008 | Permalink »


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