Non-watermarked Comps Attention Agency Producers!

We know that watermark-free comps are critical to your efforts when pitching new accounts or evaluating creative decisions. To see if you qualify for access to non-watermarked comps for any rights-managed clip, simply contact us at or call us toll-free at 866-815-6599.

Playback 101 Turn that TV on!

Find footage to use as playback on TV or computer screens in the background of your shot. Pick your playback from a great lineup of pre-produced categories. From sports to CGI, you can find what you’re looking for in our extensive playback library.

Backgrounds Up Front IMAG, Powerpoints, and Loops

Make the cut - use digital backgrounds, thematic elements and mood imagery to build stage presence, enhance “IMAG” (image magnification) or make any presentation more dynamic. Experiment with the comps before you buy.

Shot Reels Making it easy for you

Tie together concepts and create your own story by using “shot reels” - a collection of shots produced at the same time with the same subject matter and style. Just click on the shot reel icon below a thumbnail to see related clips.

Mac Users Spend less time searching

Thought Equity helps keep your critical production tools within easy reach. With our latest Apple widget (V2), you can search, preview clips in our library, and download comps instantly from your Mac Dashboard.

Thought Equity Motion Search Tips Tip #3, Search Related Words to Define a Concept

Searching on related keywords can be a helpful way to focus a broad search. If you’re in the concept phase and looking for ideas, similar terms can help you find a specific subject that works well for your project.

For instance, if you know that you’re after a clip with the theme of “reaching new heights,” you might start your search on just “heights.” From the search results, you could choose from shots of tall buildings, mountain peaks, or athletics. All of these demonstrate the same concept, but some will work better for your project than others.

When you click on a clip to see more details, you’ll see a “Search related keywords” box with similar search terms. These terms may spark new ideas or help define your current subject. Selecting one of these terms to expand your search on a specific subject is a great way to get to the ideal clip.

Author: Matt Winninger
Published: Thursday October 26, 2006  | Permalink »

Footage for the Masses Explosion In Online Video Will Require More Pre-Shot Footage

By now we've all heard about Google's acquisition of YouTube at least a hundred times. While this is exciting for Google, and especially for shareholders in YouTube, it will have a significant impact on creative agencies and producers of online advertising. If Google can revolutionize video-based advertising the way it did with text-based advertising, there will be a massive demand for pre-shot footage.

Online video advertising is fast-paced. It requires quick turnaround times and prudent uses of production budgets. It's also going to require a high degree of localization and customization. As online video ads get targeted to more specific audiences, there will be a greater need to customize commercials. For instance, a spot that gets served up in one geographic location may need different footage than the version running in another. One ad might need mountains and another beach. One summer, another winter. When your audience is global, your footage needs to be local.

So have your footage handy and get ready for a new era of advertising. It will certainly be exciting to watch this develop.

Author: Matt Winninger
Published: Wednesday October 11, 2006  | Permalink »

Accessibility Drives Demand Media and Internet Convergence Fuels Significant Opportunities

Disney announced last week that it sold 125,000 movies through iTunes in one week, which resulted in $1 million in additional revenue. As we see this convergence of media and the Internet mature, consumers are being presented with boundless delivery options. The decision is no longer just what to watch, but how to watch—TV, PC, iPod or cell phone or…

This demand will only increase, and content providers who can bring high-quality productions to market faster and for less money will have a competitive edge. A great way to gain this edge is by repurposing content that already exists. For instance, a producer who needs aerial shots of New York could spend hours and tens of thousands of dollars to go and shoot the footage. Or, he could find the same material online and download it within minutes—for a fraction of the cost.

With the billions of dollars of footage that already exists, there is tremendous opportunity for the creative and entertainment industries to rapidly bring fresh stories and entertainment to the market at the same quality standards that customers demand.

Author: Kevin Schaff, Chief Executive Officer
Published: Friday September 29, 2006  | Permalink »

A Hot Spot with Cool Backgrounds Thought Equity Motion Imagery in Action

Check out this exciting use of Thought Equity footage in a commercial for a major fashion brand. Background clips which feature a time-lapse flower blooming, a looping CG background and a time-lapse subway train bring great panache to this spot. This is also an excellent use of metaphors to illustrate the new and modern ideas of the brand. View the commercial »

Castro Showcase

Author: Matt Winninger
Published: Thursday September 28, 2006  | Permalink »

Thought Equity Search Tips Tip #2, Get a Little Help From "NOT, OR & AND"

Armed with just a few simple “Boolean” operators, you can search for footage like a pro. Right now, the Boolean operators we’re talking about are simply the words “NOT” “OR” and “AND”. These are simple but effective tools to guide you to the clip you need.

Let’s say you do a search on “tuxedo.” In this case, “tuxedo” is a term to describe formalwear—as well as penguins. If you want to filter out the penguins from these results, type “tuxedo NOT penguin” to see just the formalwear variety. It’s important to make sure that “NOT” is capitalized.

Here’s another one: You’re after some city shots from either New York or Hong Hong. To get clips from both cities in your search, put the names of the cities in quotes combined with “OR”. So, your search would be as follows: “hong kong” OR “new york”.

Finally, anytime you search on multiple word subjects, the system will automatically put “AND” in between the terms. If you’re after a brown bear, the search would show you clips that have both “brown” and “bear” in the keywords. However, if you’re after a brown bear by a river, your search would look like this: “brown bear” AND “river”.

Try out these Boolean operators to help make your searches more focused. You’ll find more of what you’re after faster—which cuts down on your production time and costs.

Author: Mark Lemmons, Chief Technology Officer
Published: Thursday September 21, 2006  | Permalink »

Color Scheme One of the most important aspects of footage is color

We hear about exposure, gamma, dynamic range, but for me when I think about color what I really think about is visual concepting. Many times when a project begins, you may not know what you’re after in terms of look, and one of the first things that starts to paint the picture, so to speak, is color. To bring the point home, Jedd made this visual search tool. Click on a color, and you’ll see what I mean.

Author: Mark Lemmons, Chief Technology Officer
Published: Monday September 11, 2006  | Permalink »