Thought Equity announces Speed View , the stock footage industry's only clickless footage preview technology

DENVER, CO., June 28, 2005

DENVER, CO., June 28, 2005 Thought Equity, a leader in stock footage licensing and management services, announced today the release of Speed View , a new stock footage technology that makes online previewing of stock footage faster by a factor of 12-to-1. With Speed View , a full motion preview is triggered as soon as the users mouse moves over the thumbnail image, then pauses when the mouse is moved off. No preview download, or even a mouse click, is required to preview full motion footage clips. For video and film professionals who regularly search and preview stock footage, this feature saves hours of preview time. Users of stock footage can now preview 12 video clips in the time it takes to view just one clip on other stock footage sites.

With the addition of Speed View , previewing footage on the Thought Equity site can now be viewed in QuickTime, Windows Media File and Flash, which means previews can be viewed by 100% of the users that visit Thought Equity without being asked to download additional players.

Speed View is one of many user-driven features on Thought Equitys online stock footage site, which now provides the fastest preview technology found in the industry. The site also features online purchase and instant delivery that allows customers to download footage clips and collections in the format they desire immediately upon purchase.

“Our goal is to ensure the best and most efficient user experience in the industry. By focusing only on motion based assets allows us to release technologies that do just that. Speed View is to clip previewing what broadband is to the Internet,” says Kevin Schaff, founder and CEO of Thought Equity.

Thought Equity is focused on the licensing and management of motion-based assets. The company specializes in advanced digital mastering, ingest, metadata, packaging and storage services that allow rapid refinement and licensing of sophisticated motion imagery.