Search tips - Ownership information

Supplier: Find content from a specific supplier by selecting the supplier name in the dropdown menu. Example: If you're looking for sports footage from an actual game, you might select "NCAA" from this menu.

Collections: If you're just interested in content from a specific collection, select the check box by the collection name.

Releases: Select this check box to only view content in which the talent has been released or is not required.

Footage Type: To search within a particular content type, select the checkbox by the appropriate category. Example: Select "Commercial" to search within all the production-ready commercials in the library.

Search tips - Format information

Find content that is available in a particular delivery format, aspect ratio or was shot on film or video. Example: If you want content shot on film and available in HD, select those check boxes to only view results that meet those criteria.

Search tips - Content information

Narrow your search by selecting a particular color, tempo or shot type to only view results that meet those criteria.

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