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We're always looking for high-production-value motion content that helps build world-class brands and tell great stories. If you've got the quality of library that can appear alongside Sony Pictures, National Geographic, HBO Archives and over 150 other top producers, Thought Equity Motion is the place for you. Find out more about our capabilities.

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  • Individual producers (Library size up to 500 hours) Individual producers in our library represent the best in creative development and entertainment programming. These producers bring uniqueness and diversity to our library.
    See motion content from Rudewater, an individual producer represented in our library.
  • Production Libraries (500-5000 hours) Production libraries represent the best in television and new media entertainment. These suppliers provide significant amounts of content in focused areas.
    See motion content from FilmWorld, a premier production library in our collection.
  • Major Collection Archives (5000+ hours) Major collection archives in our library were built-up over many years. They have captured the moments in time and high production value that endure.
    See motion content from National Geographic, a major collection archive in our library.

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