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Thought Equity Motion’s technology drives an enterprise class, highly scalable platform for managing, monetizing and delivering high quality video content. Through this custom-built and proprietary set of applications, Thought Equity Motion delivers the complexity of the digital video supply chain as a service, making rights holders accessible and manageable through a web portal and dramatically reducing cost and complexity. Thought Equity Motion is able to process film and video assets up to 80 percent more efficiently and accurately than competing service providers and support a wide range of access and monetization models.

For this reason, major content holders across arts, news, sports, and entertainment have turned to Thought Equity Motion. We are the trusted partner in the preservation and asset management requirements of many of the world largest motion libraries including MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, the NCAA®, Sony Pictures, and HBO Archives.


  • Flexible system that can be adapted to a range of complex format, storage, and delivery requirements
  • Deep experience executing across hundreds of partners, thousands of hours of digital media within a pool of over 3 million licensable assets, and a range of delivery models fulfilling tens of thousands of assets per month at production quality
  • Given high startup and fixed costs, a hosted solution enables cost efficiencies and the ability to grow into scale and requirements over time
  • Tiered cost and service models to accommodate a range of ingestion, storage, and delivery requirements
  • Truly active, dynamic system that is being used in the real world 24x7, globally, on content from 4K DPX files to uncompressed HD, to Web proxies
  • Unique integration of technology, rights, and business perspective to deliver holistic solution
  • Advanced metadata, search, and access capabilities “unlock” value of content and bridge archiving with delivery to user and monetization channels

Key Features

  • Advanced digitization, encoding, and restoration services
  • Metadata application and management
  • HD, DI, and SD footage processing
  • More than 10 petabytes of enterprise class, secure, physically and geographically redundant storage today - scaling to an expected 100 PB global footprint by the end of 2012
  • Ingestion of over 10 terabytes per day growing 10%+ per month
  • Content stored in a digital master format and is transcoded on demand to support automated digital delivery to clients and partners in virtually any format
  • Real time search, preview, and delivery through web portal. API/Web Services via a REST based interface enables rapid deployment and integration with other systems
  • User management, rights, pricing, and e-commerce transaction support
  • API services layer can power front end applications and white label third party content access systems
  • Flexible, dynamic delivery to a range of commercialization channels: master file download, delivery into non-linear editing suite, embed code for website syndication, output for DVD production, keyword-based feed to provide video context to a news article or web page
Platform Services
Learn about Thought Equity Motion’s services for rights holders, including digitization, library management, distribution, and monetization.
Preserving and Monetizing the NCAA's Assets
Thought Equity Motion preserves and makes more than 10K hours of NCAA Championship content accessible, enabling new monetization opportunities and use cases.
Digitizing and Preserving History for Film Institute Netherlands
Thought Equity Motion preserves, stores and makes more than 100 years of Dutch cinema accessible for use worldwide.