Shot Reels

By clicking on the shot reel icon below a clip, you can see all the clips that were shot at the same time and with the same style. A shot reel is your key production tool to find different angles, shot types or even an entire sequence. See how shot reels can be used to create a sequence by viewing establishing, transition and different shot angles

Non-Watermarked Comps

Evaluate creative decisions with non-watermarked comps. Non-watermarked comps are available to Premier Program clients. To see if you qualify for access to non-watermarked comps for Rights Managed footage, contact us at or call 866.815.6599. 


Find footage to use as playback on TV or computer screens in the background of your shot. Pick your playback from a great lineup of pre-produced categories. From sports to CGI, you can find what you’re looking for in our extensive playback library. 


Make the cut – use digital backgrounds, thematic elements and mood imagery to build stage presence, enhance “IMAG” (image magnification) or make any presentation more dynamic. Experiment with the comps before you buy. 

Live Research

Chat online with a research specialist to get instant answers about motion content or using 

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Mac Widget

If you’re on a Mac, the Thought Equity Motion widget is a must-have. This simple tool allows you to search, preview and download comp files from your Mac dashboard. 


We offer both free and deep research services to help you locate the right motion content. Our professional staff have years of industry experience and can provide the research expertise you need. 

RSS Feed

Get updated when we add new content in a particular area by using our RSS Feed. All search results pages give you the option to add that search feed to your reader. 

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Use these Thought Equity Motion tools and content bins to streamline your workflow and increase your productivity.