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Visit the vault at: http://vault.ncaa.com

NCAA® Vault Publishing Guide

The NCAA and Thought Equity Motion have collaborated to digitize and preserve the archive of Championship Men’s basketball, and now with the NCAA Vault, they have made these incredible games available in a new publishing model for sports content. The complete games have been digitized and tagged with rich play-by-play data, enabling search and syndication at the level of teams, players, highlights and individual moments. This video content is high quality official footage from the NCAA. Currently, the Vault contains a decade of NCAA Tournament games, from 2000-2009, covering the Sweet Sixteen round games through to the National Championship. Additional games will be added soon

Games can be searched by team, year, highlight category or player. Any moment in each game can be directly linked to with a targeted URL that will open the game to that exact moment. Bloggers, writers and publishers can generate their own custom links or draw from the Publishing Guide table which can be downloaded here. Soon, you will be able to call to the NCAA Vault API and request parameters such as team, year or player to drive rich, automated syndication of NCAA content as a web service.

The links can used for a range of publishing purposes:

  • Blue link from articles that reference individual players or games
  • Power team or score/stats sites
  • Link from blogs or other basketball content

Link/Syndication Tools:

  • A Publishing Guide which includes the moment database for use by blogs, publishers and third party sites can be downloaded here. The guide features thousands of moments with direct URLs searchable and sortable by team, year, player, round, and highlight type.
  • The NCAA Vault also enables users to create their own direct link for any moment they wish by selecting “Get Link” at the desired play. The Vault will generate a shortened bit.ly URL for that moment.
  • Sites can also select any moment of any game by constructing their own URL with the desired cue point in the video.

Sample Highlight Moment and Parameters

  • Direct Link: http://vault.ncaa.com/?game=306SR001_s01&timecode;=00:02:42:00
  • Year: 2009
  • Team 1: North Carolina
  • Team 2: Michigan State
  • Game: National Championship
  • Category: Most Outstanding Player Moments
  • Player: Wayne Ellington
  • Highlight: Wayne Ellington slices through the lane and makes a double pump layup

The below links feature examples of writers and bloggers using NCAA Vault links within their articles:

  • A Blast from the NCAA Tournament Past – Carolina March Blog
  • Free throws didn't cost Kansas the 2003 NCAA championship: A convincing argument – LJ World Blogs

Coming Soon

  • This page will feature new tools for more easily accessing these links, including selector tools that let you filter by team or player and generate custom tables
  • RSS delivery of content feeds and their updates
  • Embed codes to syndicate video players with game video within third party sites


The Vault is powered by Thought Equity Motion’s advanced video platform for managing, monetizing and delivering motion content. The platform supports rich metadata management and flexible API delivery services which support a range of business offerings.

Examples for the NCAA include:

If you are a broadband publisher or other content producer interested in licensing the professional API for direct syndication into existing sites and players or other advanced syndication, please contact Frank Cardello.

NCAA Vault Publishing Guide

Download the NCAA Vault Publishing Guide database file.

Managed Services

Learn about sports rights holder services including digitizing and archiving, copyright enforcement, licensing and monetization.

Sports Rights Holder Services

Learn about sports rights holder services including digitizing and archiving, copyright enforcement, licensing and monetization.