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You know which footage will make your campaign perfect, now how do you secure the rights to use it?

Obtaining clearances can be a complex and time-consuming task. If you're focused on creative, that's time you can't afford to spend. When you need to secure the legal rights and clearances for media content, we’ll put our expertise in intellectual property and content licensing to work for you to provide a complete clearance solution.

We provide comprehensive rights and clearances services:

  • Free Assessment We’ll provide feedback and advice on whether or not clearance is recommended for your proposed use, give you turnaround time and cost estimates for clearance, as well as offer alternatives, if appropriate, and discuss the best options that work within your budget.
  • Clearance We clear the talent that you need, from Hollywood legends to history's heroes to the world’s brightest minds and the sports champions of yesterday and today. We’ll identify, locate and negotiate with rights holders on your behalf, working in consultation with you on budget and final costs, in order to obtain all necessary permissions to allow you to proceed with your project.
  • Project Management We can serve as your complete intellectual property and media content research and clearance partner. From shooting custom content to brainstorming options to finding, clearing and licensing the talent, feature film clips, stock footage, photos, music and trademarks that you need to deliver your message, we will manage our side of the process so that you can manage yours.
  • Footage Assurance We may assume the risk of using non-released footage if clearance is impossible, impractical or unnecessary. If Footage Assurance is available, we will indemnify you against claims, so that you can have 100 percent confidence moving forward with the content that makes your project all that it needs to be.

For more information on our Rights and Clearances services, contact us at clearance@thoughtequity.com or call 646.495.6086.


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