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Broadcast Campaign from AdMine Generates 50% Increase in Incoming Inquiries for Wyoming Technical College  

The concept was
an immediate hit, resulting in a deal closed within a day.


The Winning Campaign: Ballet to Back-to-School
Teaming with AdMine, Ridge Creative sold and executed a television campaign that delivered a big win for them and for their client. Key to the success was a video series that Ridge identified by searching the AdMine library. Originally created for the Atlanta Ballet at a cost of over half a million dollars, the series of video commercials focused on young people moving beyond their usual routine to try an interesting, impulsive new activity. Although a ballet promotion was far from the career and personal improvement offered by WyoTech, the demographics and call to action were very similar: early-to-mid twenties audience, and a motivation to do something "out of the ordinary" and see a positive result.

The humorous video sequence started with young men breaking out of their usual behavior(can we define what they did), and it applied equally well to exploring a new cultural event or investigating a new educational opportunity. Ridge was able to easily keep the core video sequence, and add the WyoTech branding and message specifics to the video at a low cost.

Ridge was convinced that this commercial could help WyoTech, and arranged a meeting to propose their idea. The concept was an immediate hit, resulting in a deal closed within a day. No competing agency had been able to provide any completed sample campaigns, much less anything of this quality on the confines of the WyoTech budget. And because the content was essentially complete from the AdMine library, turnaround on the finished campaign was extremely short. The time to begin the final production until first broadcast was only one week.

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