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Thought Equity Capture and Indexing Process

Creative assets are captured digitally in the Thought Equity DAM system

  1. Thought Equity trained "refiners" sort through the assets, identifying those that are potentially re-usable elsewhere in the organization

  2. Thought Equity refiners turn each asset into a usable product. Branding and proprietary information is removed, customer specific photos are replaced, formats are standardized, and the complete asset package is captured to be ready for re-use.

  3. Metadata keywords are added to the Thought Equity entry. It is categorized and described so users searching for specific properties can find it.

  4. Rights and restrictions are applied to the asset. Geographical and time limitations on future usage and licensing/royalty restrictions are captured along with the asset entry.

  5. During the life of the asset, Thought Equity tracks each instance of usage, ensuring that advertisers gain exclusivity in their market and that all rights attached to the asset can be enforced.
This is an all inclusive service with costs determined by the number and type of assets under management.
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