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Thought Equity Asset Management Objectives:
Making Content Usable, Findable and Accessible

The most valuable and important part of the process is the capture and indexing of the digital content from a customer. The objective is to make the data Usable, Findable and Accessible by authorized Thought Equity users.

Usable - Data has been sanitized of any trademarked or business specific details. It has been captured digitally, if not already in electronic format. And all required supporting data, including fonts, style sheets, and photos are captured in order to make the package complete self-contained.

Findable - If you can't find it, you can't use it. Descriptions for ads must reflect multiple perspectives based on criteria such as themes, pictured objects, backgrounds, styles, and physical attributes such as color, size, history of usage, and licensing requirements. A system of metadata tags has been created to capture all of this information and allow the type of data to customers. Metadata describes the asset so that users can search for them based on unique descriptive attributes. As a result, when an end user searches the library to find a specific property of the creative piece, the rigorous indexing process has made it easy to locate items meeting the detailed search criteria.

Accessible - The digital assets are stored in the central repository and accessible on the private portal to any employee with an Thought Equity user account. Importantly, employees must be able to access samples for use in speculative sales proposals, as well as full artwork with all supporting documentation. Licensing and asset tracking is provided, ensuring that a campaign used by one company location will not be re-used in the same region. And since components of each asset may have licensing and usage restrictions, the Thought Equity system tracks each time the content is "checked out" or used by an employee, allowing centralized administration of licensing.


"The Thought Equity service lets the company generate revenue from its hidden assets - the creative content it already owns - across every location"
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