Thought Equity Management Inc. Appoints New COO

DENVER, Colo., September 1, 2001 – Thought Equity Management Inc., a leader in the collection and distribution of intellectual property, today announced the appointment of Denise M. Fields as its chief operating officer.

"I see Thought Equity as a revolutionary company that could change the intellectual property market," said Fields. "I'm excited by the opportunity."

Fields has extensive, high-level experience in many successful companies and will drive Thought Equity's sales and operations efforts. She will also oversee product development, finance, administration, and information systems.

"Denise Fields is an excellent addition to our management team," said Kevin Schaff, CEO and founder of Thought Equity. "With her skills and experience, she will help drive our business to the forefront of its field."

Fields will also oversee Thought Equity's product development, finance and administration.

Fields most recently served as chief operating officer of Research Systems, Inc., a Boulder, Colorado based data visualization software manufacturer, and has more than twenty years of software industry experience. (To read her full bio, click here.)

About Thought Equity
Thought Equity Management, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is a leading supplier of localized, production-ready print and video advertising. Large media, cable and broadcast companies resell the company’s ads to reduce pre-press and production costs, increase gross margins, enhance localized ad quality and realize a greater advertising result. For more information about Thought Equity, visit




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Holly Hamann

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