Thought Equity Management Inc. Launches New Direct Mail Library

DENVER, Colo., December 1, 2001 – Thought Equity Management Inc., a leader in the collection and distribution of intellectual property, today announced the launch of their direct mail library.

"We knew there had to be an easier way for direct mail solution providers to build their design libraries," said Kevin Schaff, founder and CEO of Thought Equity. "It can get very expensive building your designs from scratch, so we take out the middle men and offer a complete, pre-built solution instead."

The new direct mail library includes hundreds of different designs, collected from some of the best creative talent in the country. The designs are also pre-sorted into vertical categories, and are available in any size or format.

About Thought Equity
Thought Equity Management, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is a leading supplier of localized, production-ready print and video advertising. Large media, cable and broadcast companies resell the company’s ads to reduce pre-press and production costs, increase gross margins, enhance localized ad quality and realize a greater advertising result. For more information about Thought Equity, visit




Media Contact:

Holly Hamann

VP of Marketing

Thought Equity



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