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Before you know how much your company's assets are worth, you first need to know what you have. You also want the maximum value for your assets, which is impossible without the proper packaging.

Supplying Thought Equity with your assets to identify, refine and productize saves you time, money and dedicated resources that can learn the process. When we package your intellectual property, we get you the maximum value by exposing all sellable pieces to prospective buyers.

We start the process by identifying all of your unused and non-strategic intellctual assets so you know which pieces you should sell.

After identification, we send the assets to our IP refinery which puts the property through a unique productization process. This process begins by breaking each asset into basic parts. Each part is then categorized based on criteria such as marketability, demand, the technical components, transferable know-how, legal and financial implications and so on.

Once categorized, parts are either left as individual pieces, or they are combined into a new product that is more marketable.

Our packaging system automatically:

  • Converts each asset into a PDF document (to avoid theft)
  • Indexes the text on each document for keyword searching
  • Outputs the finished catalog in several formats including an online secure site, a transportable catalog and an executive summary that can be burned to CD or Emailed.

This entire process takes around two weeks from start to finish, and provides you with a productized version of your intellectual property that is ready for distribution.

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