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The Madness of March has hit Thought Equity Motion with a vengeance! In partnership with the NCAA®, we launched the NCAA Vault, a first-of-its-kind video publishing model. The property is powered by our technology platform and enables fans to search and share individual plays and highlights from their favorite D-I men’s basketball teams and athletes from the last decade’s Sweet Sixteen® games. The NCAA Vault also has an open API, so in the same way that developers can build apps around a service like Google Maps or Twitter, online publishers can use our Publishing Guide to hook into the NCAA archive to create their own experiences and contextual media video feeds around teams, moments, years and players. Check out the following sports blog posts on Carolina March, Lawrence Journal World’s The Mad Geek Blog, and Global Sports Faternity to see how they have linked to moments within the NCAA Vault in recent articles. March Madness® fanatics in the Twittersphere have been Tweeting up a storm about the NCAA Vault as well. 

March also marked the official launch of our collaboration with BBC Motion Gallery. Content from the BBC, CBS News, NHK Japan, Central China Television (CCTV) and Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) is now available for licensing on www.thoughtequity.com. With more than 10.5 million hours of motion content under management, Thought Equity Motion is the only source to go to for your video content needs.

We are excited about all of the new possibilities that our expansive, non-replicable news footage from organizations such as the BBC, NBC News and The New York Times among others, and Contextual Media Services, brings to content producers and online publishers worldwide.

Check out how our clients are using video content and tools to save time and money and drive new value.  

ADVERTISING: Thought Equity Motion worked with AdoTube—a video advertising network and platform—to license NCAA content for a recent McDonald’s digital ad campaign. McDonald’s wanted to run relevant in-stream ads over premium video content. So, in a matter of days, Thought Equity Motion licensed AdoTube three fully produced, popular March Madness® videos, which the company exclusively ran the McDonald’s overlay in on targeted video-enabled ad networks. To watch the March Madness videos and see McDonald’s in-stream ads, click here.


Read a selection of articles about the NCAA Vault launch and how Thought Equity Motion’s technology platform powers the site: www.ncaa.com/vault

“NCAA Tournament Goes Online, Clip by Clip”

“Thought Equity Motion and the NCAA Give Old Highlights New Life on the Web”

“New ‘NCAA Vault’ is More Evidence of Archived Assets’ Value”

“Say Hello to NCAA Vault, Adieu to Productivity”

Upcoming trade shows were you can see Thought Equity Motion:

Filmart - March 22-25, 2010; Hong Kong. click here.

Hot Docs – April 29 – May 9, 2010; Toronto. click here.

Our newly added HD coral reef videos will make you feel as though you took a trip to the Great Barrier Reef! The vibrant hues of the reef and colorful underwater creatures in these clips are truly breathtaking. Browse > 


Feel the need for some adventure? Check out some of our most popular HD nature & wildlife clips! These videos, which can be licensed exclusively on www.thoughtequity.com, feature everything from volcanic eruptions and diamond mines to hippopotamuses and monitor lizards. Browse >

Take a look at some of our newly ingested content shot with a RED camera! These high def lifestyle clips feature families, couples and seniors in various settings, including hospitals and doctor’s offices. With U.S. health care reform making news headlines daily, this medical-focused content will be useful, as it helps to portray the issues many individuals are experiencing today. Browse >


Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:” Kara Weinert, Research Creative; Jennifer Drubin, Content Sales Manager; Chloe Rice, Content Sales Representative; Jack Boram, Regional Sales Director, Australia; Joy Ardizzone, Senior Research Creative; Andrea Watson, Content Sales Manager; John Green, Content Sales Manager; Rara Ito, Research Project Manager; Ashley McMahon, Marketing Manager; Jennifer Kilburn, Group Research Manager.


A video-powered discussion of news, culture, sports and history. Here are some of our favorite blog posts from the last few months. 

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All of this footage can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com. 


Upcoming video topics. For more updates about our timely video bins, follow us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/ThoughtEquity 

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News from the world of video content.

Mediaweek: The WSJ Digital Network Turns Up the Volume on Video

Article about how the Wall Street Journal Digital Network is dialing up its video output with the launch of Digits, a live weekday series focused on technology. Read Article >

Mashable: Hulu Gets 400 Hours of NFL Video

Update on Hulu’s new video from the NFL Network and the overall spike in the accessibility of web-based sports video. Read Article >

Adweek: OOH Takes Flight

Story about how airports and airlines are stepping up their interactive out-of-home efforts. Read Article >

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