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Japan’s Killer QuakeOur specialized documentary research team worked with UK-based Pioneer Productions team to license footage for ‘Japan’s Killer Quake’, an investigative documentary questioning whether or not science and technology can ever truly prevent devastation in the face of overwhelmingly powerful forces of nature. The editorial content Pioneer Productions used features a range of content from our NHK archives. The footage covers many subjects – from the aftermath of home & business destruction to shots of nuclear reactors. The program originally premiered on NOVA in March 2011 and recently re-aired on PBS. For more information on ‘Japan’s Killer Quake,’ and to watch the full program…


The House I Live In

We helped Charlotte Street Film’s NY-based production team to license footage for THE HOUSE I LIVE IN, a comprehensive documentary about forty years of failed drug policy and the effects on America. The majority of the video that Charlotte Street licensed for the film was from our CBS News archive. Our research team spent weeks physically searching through tapes in the CBS News library in New York to find the exact footage Charlotte Street needed to depict America’s war on drugs. The content featured in the documentary dates back to the ‘60s and covers Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign; the proliferation of crack cocaine and role of drugs in the Vietnam War; as well as the evolution of designer drugs in America. The clips we provided are juxtaposed with a range of interviews with individuals on both sides of the issue—from dealers and cops to drug crime victims and senators—to provide the full story of America’s war on drugs. For more information on this documentary…


Nuclear Aftershocks

Palfreman Film Group, Inc. and WGBH FRONTLINE came to Thought Equity Motion to license footage for ‘Nuclear Aftershocks,’ which originally aired on PBS in February. In the gripping report, FRONTLINE travels to three continents to explore the debate about nuclear power: “Is it safe? What are the alternatives? And could a Fukushima-style disaster happen in the U.S.?” The production companies utilized NHK footage that recounted the immediate response efforts at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. For more information and the full broadcast of ‘FRONTLINE: Nuclear Aftershocks’…

4K Footage Shot in Afghanistan As the turmoil in Afghanistan continues, Thought Equity Motion is your source for broadcast-quality footage of the region. Our library boasts over 25,000 clips relating to Afghanistan–including content shot on a RED digital camera at 4K resolution that rivals the quality of 35mm film. This footage captures everything from military drills to rare cultural glimpses of the Afghan people. To browse this content…


Instant Delivery & Competitive Pricing for Political Productions As the 2012 US presidential race heats up, our vast selection of news, lifestyle, topical and human interest-focused footage can help candidates communicate their political agendas and capture voters’ support. We offer political production agencies instant digital delivery, competitive pricing, and complementary research services to help produce compelling content under even the tightest deadlines. To browse our footage related to social and environmental topics, key campaign initiatives and community, state, national, and global issues…


Webinar: IBM Linear Tape File System with Thought Equity Motion’s Cloud-based PlatformWednesday, March 28, 11:45 a.m. ESTHear our CTO discuss how our cloud-based video management platform leverages IBM’s LTO-5 tape storage technology and LTFS to bring a new level of use and portability to open systems tape storage.  To register for this webinar…


Sports Pro: Thought Equity Motion Expands ExclusiveNCAA® Licensing Contract

To read the article…


Streaming Media: Buyer’s Guide - Metadata

Article about the power of video indexing and metadata tagging that includes commentary about the benefits of frame-level metadata. To Learn more…

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News from the world of video content.

Put Digital Signage on your shirt

“Black Box, announced that it has introduced iCOMPEL WDS, a centrally manageable platform for wearable digital signage…”


YouTube Dives Into Sports Channels

“The site announced an extended lineup of sports channels, adding Bleacher Report, KickTV and The NOC to thecontent announced last month…”

How Tablets Will Soon Top TVs

For Most Video Viewing

“TV has tried to come to grips with the ‘second screen’ for nearly 15 years. Once our computers started getting connected to the internet, networks have tried to harness that connectivity, and that screen…”

Study Shows How to Optimize Video Ads Across Multiple Screens

“It’s no secret that video consumption is fragmenting to multiple screens. A key consequence of this trend is that it is creating headaches for advertisers and agencies seeking to optimize their spending…”

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