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Webinar: Unlocking the Value of Video Content Libraries  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 2pm ET

Join Will Richmond, editor and publisher of VideoNuze, Colin Dixon, Senior Partner, Advisory, at The Diffusion Group and Mark Lemmons, CTO at Thought Equity Motion, as they dig into the issues associated with surfacing and monetizing video content libraries during this webinar. To learn more and register…

Check out the articles below about how Sony Pictures Entertainment is utilizing our T3 Metadata Editor to manage content and clearance information in a frame-by-frame capacity:

VideoNuze: Sony Pictures Taps Value of Archive With Thought Equity’s Metadata Editor

Variety: Sony Pact to Monetize Content (PDF)

Streaming Media: Sony Turns to Thought Equity Motion for Metadata Management

“Discovery Communications Utilizes Thought Equity Motion’s Platform to Power its new Digital Footage Business.” To read the press release…

Denver Business Journal:Thought Equity’s Technology Rises in Use, Value.” Story about Thought Equity Motion is using its advanced Hosted Video Platform technology to address an old media problem.  To read the article… (PDF)

“Reliance MediaWorks and Thought Equity Motion Announce Partnership to Offer Next-Generation Digital Supply Chain for Content Library Owners.” To read the press release…

Upcoming conferences where you can see Thought Equity Motion:

NAB: April 9-14 • Las Vegas

Hot Docs: April 28- May 8 • Toronto

Book Expo: May 23-26 • New York


National Geographic Collection

Take your audience on a journey they’ll never forget with thousands of newly added clips in The National Geographic Collection, exclusively available through Thought Equity Motion. The collection features award winning footage of cultural and geographic wonders from National Geographic television and film productions. To see the latest awe-inspiring clips that have been added to The National Geographic Collection…

Exclusive Royal Wedding Footage

On April 29, 2011, the world will hold its breath as the anticipated wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton is watched by an estimated 2 billion viewers worldwide. Through our exclusive partnership with BBC Motion Gallery, Thought Equity Motion will be a one stop resource to license footage of this historic event from start to finish. The BBC is the only broadcaster permitted to film the ceremony within the Westminster Abbey and their footage will be available for licensing through www.thoughtequity.com immediately after the live broadcast concludes. In the meantime, don’t miss our clips of William and Catherine’s engagement, past royal weddings and the happy couple over the years. To view our royal wedding footage…

Below are a few commonly asked questions about our Footage Assurance services. For additional questions or to have a project evaluated contact, rightsandclearances@thoughtequity.com or  

call 720-382-2879.

What is Footage Assurance and why does Thought Equity Motion offer it?

At times, it may not be possible to identify or locate individuals that are visible in footage you want to use in your project. In these instances, Thought Equity Motion may be able to provide “Footage Assurance,” which gives additional protection to you and your project. If Footage Assurance is available for footage, Thought Equity Motion assumes the risk associated with your use of the footage in your project.

Can I purchase Footage Assurance if individuals or property owners in the footage I want to license can’t be identified or located for clearance?

Generally we may be able to offer Footage Assurance for footage where it is not possible to locate or contact the parties visible in the footage.

How much will it cost to have Thought Equity Motion evaluate my project to determine if other rights or permissions are required?

Thought Equity’s initial assessment to determine if clearance services are recommended or Footage Assurance is available is free of charge.

To have your project evaluated contact your Thought Equity Motion representative or contact rightsandclearances@thoughtequity.com or call 720-382-2879.

Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:” Zachary Hatch, Content Sales Manager; Brian Eldredge, Sales Operations Specialist; Jennifer Kilburn, Group Research Manager; Scott Norman; James McKay, Content Sales Representative; Jeff Weinroth, Content Sales Manager; Rara Ito; and Devon Vandervort, Content Sales Manager


A video-powered discussion of news, culture, sports and history. Here are some of our latest posts. 

Thank You for the Memories Elizabeth Taylor 

Commemorate the Legacy of MLK 43 Years Later 

The First Human Orbits the Earth 50 Years Ago 

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Check out a selection of our hilarious Blooper clips. All content can be licensed on www.thoughtequity.com. 

Upcoming video topics. For more updates about our timely video bins, follow us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/ThoughtEquity  

41 Years Since Kent State Shootings

14th Anniversary of Jackie O’s Death

2nd Ann. of Michael Jackson’s Death

65th Birthday of the Bikini

Ringo Starr Turns 70

News from the world of video content.

YouTube Launches Live Streaming Page

Article about how the social media site created a page for live sporting events, interviews, and concerts. To read the article…

Autonomy Hopes To Tag the World

for Video, 3-D

Piece about a company that has developed a software that enables camera-equipped smartphones or tablet computers to recognize two-dimensional images and then call up and overlay pre-recorded video on them. To read the article…

Here’s the Most Innovative Video Ad To Run On YouTube So Far

Post about how a beer company is creating engaging online video advertising to engage its target audience in completely unexpected ways. To read the article…



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