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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Aftermath Footage from NHK

NHK—Japan’s number one news source— has more correspondents, more cameras, and more footage covering the aftermath, clean up and recovery efforts of the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan than any other news source. Through our partnership with NHK we are offering a unique resource for daily footage updates direct from NHK’s headquarters in Japan. New footage is available daily to provide Internet news outlets with an ongoing and updated supply of video content from Japan.  To learn more about this news footage.

The Best Resource for Educational Content

Use compelling video from Thought Equity Motion’s library to enhance the learning experience in a way still images and written word can’t match. License US & world history, social studies and science footage for educational products including e-readers, DVDs, classroom instructional use, and museum exhibits. For more details about our educational footage offering,

Comprehensive Footage Research Services

From the simplest shot to the most complex story, Thought Equity Motion’s expert researchers provide complimentary services to help you quickly find the footage you need throughout the production process. With our specialized “online” and “offline” research teams and expansive library of clips and long content from acclaimed archives including, BBC, CBS News, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Smithsonian Channel, Cinesound Movietone, National Geographic, March of Time®, Paramount Pictures, and the NCAA® Thought Equity Motion is a one stop resource for footage research needs. To read more about our research capabilities,


The Fab Five

Thought Equity Motion played a critical role in the production of the highly acclaimed ESPN Films documentary, “The Fab Five,” which takes a look back at the vaunted 1991 University of Michigan “Fab Five” freshmen who led one of the most famous (and infamous) teams in college basketball history. The film first aired on March 13 and received the highest viewer rating for a documentary in ESPN’s network history (Nielsen 2.1). The vast majority of the documentary features content that’s only available through Thought Equity Motion, such as footage from the NCAA Tournament and Big Ten archives of Michigan’s Fab Five at the peak of their college careers. The film also includes news and entertainment clips from Thought Equity Motion’s BBC and CBS News libraries to describe the “hip hop flavor” that the Fab Five brought to the court and to give background on how the players were associated with the early ’90s University of Michigan basketball scandal.

If you missed “The Fab Five” or just want to watch it again, it will re-air on: March 24 at 7 pm ET on ESPNU, on March 25 at 1 pm ET on ESPNU, on April 3 at 11:30 pm ET on ESPN2, and May 28 at 5 pm ET on ESPN Classic. To watch “The Fab Five” trailer,

VideoNuze: CBSSports.com College Network to Mine Value of Universities’ Sports Video Archives 

Article about how Thought Equity Motion has teamed up with CBSSports.com College Network to enable its 175 university partners to mine the value of their http://collegenetwork.cbssports.com/ sports video libraries. To read the article,

Streaming Media: NCAA Digital and Thought Equity Launch 2011 NCAA Vault

Post about Thought Equity Motion’s agreement with Turner Sports, the NCAA Vault’s new features, and the new Classic 68 Bracket. To read the article,

RealScreen: Taking Stock of 2010

Q&A with Thought Equity Motion’s CEO about the state of the footage industry. To read the article,

Streaming Media: The State of Metadata in 2011

Article about Thought Equity Motion’s rich metadata and delivery tools that increase the value to video content. To read the article,

Cinesound Movietone Productions Extends Licensing Partnership with Thought Equity Motion

To read this press release,

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NAB: April 9-14 • Las Vegas

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Special thanks to these employees for contributing to the “Clips of the Month:” Andrea Watson, Content Sales Manager; Matt Fischer, Sports Fulfillment Manager; Jennifer Kilburn, Group Research Manager.







A video-powered discussion of news, culture, sports and history. Here are some of our latest posts. 

The Luck of the Irish, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Keep Up, We’re SPRINGING Forward!  



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News from the world of video content.

VideoNuze: MLB.com’s Near Real-Time Video Enriches CBSSports.com’s Fantasy Baseball

Post about a new partnership between CBSSports.com and MLB.com that illustrates how video clips generated in near real-time can add significant value to online experiences. To read the article…

Media Daily News: Digital Video Ads in Premium TV Earn Most Attention

Article about a FreeWheel study that pegs completion rates of video ads in content 20 minutes or longer–typically in premium TV shows–at 81%. To read the article…

Mashable, Jennifer Aniston Smart Water Ad Lampoons Viral Memes

Article about Smartwater’s latest viral video campaign starring Jennifer Aniston. To read the article…



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