T3 Content Viewer


The Content Viewer is a more accessible and attractive product for content owners to review, share, filter, and clip up their libraries. While a Clip Details page provides a deep view inside a single asset within Library Manager, the Content Viewer is a listing of the entire library. As such, the tool is perfectly suited for internal review processes with legal or promotional groups. It is a great way to QC metadata that’s been added. For internal production purposes, it also acts as an excellent clipping tool for projects that traverse multiple titles within a library. The integration with Library Manager Bins means master quality fulfillment of clips created in the Content Viewer is only a few clicks away.

While it is not a requirement, several of the functionalities in the Viewer are centered around timeline metadata that has been created in the T3 Metadata Editor. Once timeline data exists, the Content Viewer has features to search and filter by keywords, search and filter along different timelines, click on a segment for playback, even create a new segment and put it in a new Bin (on Library Manager) or simply add the segment to an existing Bin.

The login and password for these pages is the same as TE.com, which means that if you have the permissions to see the content on TE.com, you have the permissions to see it in the Viewer. These sites are built in Flash but pull content through our own API based on bins and the URLs are unique to the content owner.